The Legacy by vacher

The Legacy

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Added: Sep 05, 2002
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All right. A few people asked me about this one, so here it is:
The stone with scriptures represents the Legacy of human Spirituality in all forms: religions, philosophical schools and systems, imprisoned in the human concept of God or Spirit, lost in the clouds of confusion and material conception.
The woman represents the human Soul, looking for Universal Truth and Light, which she is discovering by steping out of the clouds.

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OK i am a little freaked out now....first i see a rock in mid air now i see a woman about to get crushed by a cloud of debree but i must say....the heart and soul you have put into this is absoulutley amazing! i am your adoring fan now!

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Simplement fantastique. Vous êtes vraiment un artiste 'top notch'. J'adore chaque pièce. Super!

Guest's picture amazing! Really great work. So beautifull...really great! Don't know what to say...except: great!

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Its just sopeaceful and symbolic!

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Huzzah! Grandiose clouds! Inspires me to create my own cloud images.
World shattering artwork. This is exactly the kind of art that should be displayed in cathedrals or giant murials! Simply priceless, immortal image!

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the socceress is summoning oracle

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as i look through your fine fine gallery i can see that you love making places/objects look BIG! great job here. the clouds are amazing!!!!!!

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Thank you for all your comments, Neil.
No, I'm not a genius, I'm just a normal guy, who was blessed enough to meet on his way people who taught him how to develop his small potential and express these images that needed to come out.
I wish every artist to be as fortunate.

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This piece expresses something that I feel very strongly, sending huge shivers through my body. Oh your other works are equally monumental, only this one reached into my very core. I am in awe of your work, you are a heightened being and I would love to meet you someday, if not in this life...
Thank you for your inspiration ^_^

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This makes me feel small and humble..

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Ah, that's what I thought. Figured I'd ask anyway. This is beautiful. Drop me a note next time you're in SF!

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Thank you, Kay.

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Thank you, James. By the way, I don't remember if I told you: your watercolors are beautiful.

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Thank you, Steve.

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wow, the sizing of the woman is so dramatic. Great piece.

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Thank you, Cynthia. Nice words.
I'm trying, I'm trying...

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Well this has literally blown me away. I am lost in it...and speachless.

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Your sense of scale is fantastic! Epic work, Chris.

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Hi, Stephanie.
It was very nice meeting you at Worldcon.
To answer your question, well, you can't really read what's on the wall. I guess it is as symbolic as the rest of the painting. Keep up the good work.
I hope we can meet again when I go to San Francisco. :>)

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Man! Your clouds rock! Another excellent painting by you Chris!

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So I'm curious what it says on the wall?

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Such Poignant and tremendous work you do Christophe. Wonderful.

Art at its best.