Claire-Vallée by vacher


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Added: Sep 27, 2002
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There is no real answer to that, Kylia. When I painted it, I thought it could be 2 travellers who went through a long journey to reach an unknown civilization.
It could also be a giant spaceship that landed there thousands of years ago.

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Merry Meet Sir,
I really admire your work, me and some friends are discussing your art and we are all very curious about the medallion in the clouds. Could you help us out about it? We are unable to find out what the story behind "Claire Vallee" is.
And we are eager to learn more about it.
Thanks in advance,
Blessed Be

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verry nice work, I like your job very much!!!!!!! wonderful piece!

henriikka's picture

Again such a stunning work you have here! I could stare this one for ages..but sadly the time costs *smile*.

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I'm in awe of your artwork, or should I say masterpiece. The scale of the building or ship in the distance is just amazing and frightening. The wonderful green valley below is so calming. You mixed two very different emotions together. Wow, I could never get my acrylics to look this beautiful! ^__~

alexandria's picture

Whoooa! Such an awesome manipulation of the perspective! Great shining colors!

isenho's picture

the size! and the fog/mist is stunning! and landscapes! more of Christopher's landscapes! how beautiful! you are my favorite artist on this site!

thrax-1's picture

0_o jeez,the scale of that ship/artifact is unreal.i get excited looking at this piece Laughing out loud

vacher's picture

Thanks, Lipták.
No, they are not special acrylics, just a little more opaque. They are the colors we use in animation. But any type of acrylics would do. I tried pretty much any type, whether it was "Liquitex" or "Magic color". If the paint I use has different properties, I actually study these properties and use them my own way to produce the same final result.

mermalior's picture

Awesome pic. The most interesting are the colors. The upper side and the lower side of pic gives two different moods. What kind of acrylics did you use? I can't mix colors like these with my "Magic Colors" acrylics. Are these something special acrylics???

vacher's picture

Well, rock represents symbolicly the ultimate form of matter. And the light inside the rock represents the Spirit, source of Life, unseen to the human eye, hidden in matter. The floating stones represent the manifestations of Spirit, guiding us, and protecting us.
In parallele with this, some of these paintings were done for a personal movie project that I prepared for a few years and just presented to my agent. It might never go anywhere, but who knows...

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Yet another great piece.
I have a question: Do you have a specific story attached to any of your paintings? It feels like there is a legend attached to those stones, a hidden past or perhaps a long-forgotten myth.

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Thanks, Eric.
Christmas? Hmm...Yeah, big floating monoliths instead of Christmas trees...I like the idea. :>)

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Thanks, Stan.
Well, there's more coming. Shock)

vacher's picture

Thank you, Iena.
Keep up the good work too!

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Thanks, Joe.

christar's picture

Wow! You are definitely fascinated with huge monolithic objects and/or things with epic proportions in general! I like it!

archetype's picture

To say I'm a big fan would be an understatement. Your work is always epic! I look forward to each of your posts like it was Christmas.

swisnie's picture

Christophe, your work is fabulous. Whenever I see your name on recent thumbnails, I immediately open it first. I am always amazed at the power in your paintings. I look forward to seeing more!

joe-kennett's picture

This is unbelievably beautiful.
Great work!

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that would be so awsome if it was real Shock this is wonderful

Art at its best.