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Added: Sep 27, 2002
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marikobard's picture

Wonderful, great style!

Guest's picture

my mouth is basicaly on the floor what great skills i love your work!

Guest's picture

Chrisphe Vacher my name is Hannah and i'm 16 years old, I think your art work is so beautiful. I'm going to use your style of movement for my GCSE which is on Monday, i will let you know what i got in summer. Thankyou

Guest's picture

*gasps for air*.....omg!!!! it looks like i am looking in a mirror on tarzan but i must say i have been astounded by all your work

Guest's picture

Reminds me of the book "Tuck Everlasting"..good job

vacher's picture

Thank you, Bei Li. Keep up the good work.

drac's picture

It's great, you really good at build up
the atmosphere.
and I just like your colour so much.
You will be my great example.

vacher's picture

Thanks, Ken.
Keep up the great work too!

kenmeyerjr's picture

Wow...when I saw the thumbnail I thought, hey, could be good...then the main image came up and I cannot believe the skills it must have taken to accomplish this piece. The glowing water and lava are understated yet evident enough to draw your eye there and the detail of the piece in general is awesome!

vacher's picture

Most of these pictures are oil, others are acrylic, watercolor or digital.
If you take time to read what's underneath each of them, you'll see what they are created with.

eilidh's picture

Oh, the illumination in this piece is truly magical, I love it. The overall scene is mesmerising in its soft tones and shapes... I wish I could step into this picture! *sigh*

Guest's picture

Can u tell what tehnique you use to make all of those pictures?You are painting with water colors?Or...

vacher's picture

Hi, Ilona.
I replied to the message you also sent me on Smile

Guest's picture

I send you a email for asking permission for use some of your pictures. I'm a Dutch woman, and write poems. I love this kind of art. I hope you take a look on my site...and I hope you give ME permission, if not I delete it oke?

if you want you can read some poems in english too...

thank you....
greetings Ilona from Holland

Guest's picture

Wonderful light

thejeff's picture

very subtle, quite consistent in mood and treatment. you can smell the moist greenery.

Guest's picture

Perfection...oh I could live in your gosh....

vacher's picture

Thank you, guest.

Guest's picture

It's been a while since I last visited epilogue, and I am glad to see more of your paintings here. They are so enchanting that they trully make you wish you could be there.

vacher's picture

Thank you, Katy.

vacher's picture

Thanks, Duc.

k-t-roo's picture

stunning! what simply gorgeous ligting effects, and it feels so cool, just like the light in a forest. wonderful work!

vacher's picture

Thanks, Patrick.

vacher's picture

Thank you, Lipták. I like your designs very much.

vacher's picture

Thank you, Karin.

vacher's picture

Thank you.
Yes, I know digital painting. I use it sometimes for free lance work, as it is very flexible. And I've been using it a lot these last years, working at Disney. The last movie I worked on -"Treasure Planet", coming out very soon- is entirely painted digitally. We were using "homemade" programs.
But to tell you the truth, there nothing like the good old brushes and paints.
It feels way more human to me ;o)

frodo's picture

wonderful work Chris, magic Idea to make the water the source of light...

christar's picture

Man this is so cool!
This is totally the fountain of youth! The pool of life and knowledge! I have freaky dreams of this kind of stuff. Wonderful dramatic lighting.
The details and design in the forest are ingenious!

megaflow's picture

I want to live there! Very inviting and real.

mermalior's picture


Art at its best.