Norova by vacher


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Added: Dec 04, 2002
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Selected in Spectrum 9

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Wow. What was the size of the paper? I have know idea how you can get all the detail into there, and the color. I love you paintings, but anyway, and how come the paint brush marks are not visable?

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i took one look at this and my chin hit the floor this is truly amazing as a young artist i admire you.

vacher's picture

Thank you, Corinna.

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You've left me unmistakably achingly floored.... I must visit some day. Where is a transporter when you need one? hee hee *lingers on every inch for a very long time* Speaking of... 110 hrs - Where does one find the time? Can you come paint my walls? I can only dream.... Superb detail rendering, especially the wispy rays of light in front of the hovering marvel in the sky *sigh*......*heavier sigh*..... enchanted.

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Wow This is so amazing really this is truely stunning piece. I actually feel this could be a place I want to live. Smile Excellent job.

contemplator's picture

This painting is one of your most enchanting...I was amazed at how similar it is to one of my recent pieces, although yours technically achieves its vision in a much more eloquent fashion. I'm sure even this image does not do justice to the actual oil painting you made, which I'd love to see one day...I eagerly await your next work Smile

alexandria's picture

Breathtaking! Most inspiring piece yet!

vacher's picture

Well, I know the interview is a little long to read, but I talk a little about that in it.

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Wow. This piece is absolutely amazing! I love the colours in it. I noticed in a lot of your art you have floating islands. Any reason for this?

isenho's picture

dang christopher! the colors and the lighting here are soooooooooo goooooooooood! i am in love. wow, this is absolutly massive and gorgeous. great job!

thrax-1's picture

ultimate!!! you got a work in spectrum Laughing out loud,i can only hope to be accepted into any book in my life time.youve breathed some life back into my art inspirations anyhow

vacher's picture

Well, funny you're asking it. Because I just finished the painting. I will post it sometime soon (if you can wait until then...) Laughing out loud

Guest's picture

Haha. As much as you like. It IS your comment page after all and have the power to delete me at will. =) Holidays great. Nice to have a break in shipping now though. I probably should just email you this. Hey, if you ever do a color painting of that sketch I bought from you, let me know! *sigh* Looking at this picture almost makes me want to pick up oils again. Almost....

vacher's picture

Thank you, Stephanie.
Did you have a good holiday time?
Well, how much are we allowed to deviate from professional conversation, on this site? :>)

puimun's picture

110 hours...??? I don't think I've ever worked that long on anything. This is beautiful Christophe. The colors really glow.

vacher's picture

Thank you, Denise. this one took me about 100-110 hours.

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wow...another masterpeice, how long did this one take you? I oil paint to, but mine is so child like when compared to your mastery oil painting.

twstdrealty8's picture

wow...absolutely magnificent! The lighting is superb, and the use of color...just another masterpiece from an unbelievely talented person. Smile Your work carried such mood with it; wonderful execution.

vacher's picture

Thank you, guest.

vacher's picture

Thank you Alaaddin.
Very nice work in your gallery.

Guest's picture

Absolutely breathtaking... Can I live there? Please?? ^^; It's magnificent....

alaaddin's picture

Absolutly amazing, christophe.
The lighting is perfect.
Everything looks perfect...

vacher's picture

Thanks, Jessica.
Your influences are very much like mine; and Daniel Merriam is actually one of the artists who exhibits in the same gallery I do.

vacher's picture

Thank you, Sarah. Nice words.

vacher's picture

Thank you, Katharina.
The original of this painting was sold a few weeks ago.
The size is 30" x 40".
Yes, the scan lost quite a lot, but mostly in the subtilty of colors in the shady areas.
And no, there isn't a sphere upper right, sorry.

vacher's picture

Thank you, Jen.

vacher's picture

Thank you for the nice words, Linda.
I like the romantic/symbolic aspect of your work too.

richard's picture

That ray of light is pure magic.

christar's picture

Now that's the Grandaddy of all castles! Yeee Haa!

enayla's picture

The first few words to pop out of my mouth were a bit inappropriate for this site ;] Gorgeous work, I say instead - you had my jaw dangling from my ears for a bit there.

Art at its best.