Endless Dream by vacher

Endless Dream

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 19, 2003
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Nominated for the ASFA Chesley Awards 2003 in the category Best unpublished artwork.
There are 17 nominees in this category this year, so, I'm not counting on it too much. But you never know...

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Very beautiful work!

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Wow man, this is beautifull! I love the colors, dreamy but powerfull, warm and mystical. Very lovely.


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This is my pic. . . Chris. ART TRADE!!! anubis1977@yahoo.com

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Five words for you, F------ intoxicatingly beautiful, thank you

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This is truly Incredible!I have never seen anything so Realistic looking as this, absolutely magnificent.Your cloth effects are remarkable,I have to say that you have inspired me to act on my Artistic Spark, I expect to see a lot lot more of you in the future.A work of a true Genius x

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this is The most beautiful picture i have ever seen...
the colors, the background, the drapery... i've stared at it for over an hour, great work, keep it up..

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This really is a perfect painting. Everything is in order, like the silkyness of the fabric, beautiful lighting and dreamy space. Truly, a remarkable piece Smile

vacher's picture

Thanks, Conny.
I like this one very much too.

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I've found you through artwanted.com, I love your artwork, and this one is still my fav piece!

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This is the most magnificent piece of art-work I,ve ever set my eyes upon in yhe history of my long existance. May you never come across a single wondering orc in your travels. You are truly amazing and talented with your hands. Congratulations on this fine piece of work.- Bearalo Drake

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all i have to say is its the best pic ive ever seen and may the blessings of the elves be with you

vacher's picture

It took me about 3 weeks, on and off.

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It breathes peace into my mind. One question, though-how long did it take to complete, from start to finish?

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But this got into SPectrum 10! Smile Beautiful work, the fabric is stunning.

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i really do my best - but i think it will be impossible for me to achieve your skills one day - but i try - thanks for your inspirational work

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stunning piece of work. Reminds me of Jia Lu masterpieces.

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Your art is incredible and expecially this one gives me such a deep feeling of peace and calmity. I long for sleep so much, for sweet dreams, maybe, for an endless dream... but, whatever...

This one is so deeply, deeply moving, so incredible. Thank you so much for showing it.


vacher's picture

Thank you, Barbara.
I do have prints of it. As a small poster (13" x 13") or as a limited edition print on canvas.
If you want to know more, contact me at christophe.vacher@excite.com

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this is just to beautiful.
will you sell prints of it? I'd really want to get one to frame.
just how long did you have for this piece? It's just so stunning, the folds, the lighting and the atmosphere

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My god, the patience.
Fabric heaven or fabric hell?
Very nice work.

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How amazingly beautiful. It looks so alive. The blanket folds are just breathtaking. So warm.

vacher's picture

Thanks, Ken. Flattering, since I love Blackshear's work.
I don't know about the award. I haven't heard anything.

kenmeyerjr's picture

Incredible...sorta reminds me of Blackshear....I love everything about it, the warm fleshtones, the continued warmth in the fabric, the fading into the clouds....this will be a huge seller on the print market, I bet....and did you ever get the award?

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the cloth is just especially amazing

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that is amazing....

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Ah, l'eternel conflit entre Art classique et Art moderne! L'Art moderne et ses speculateurs rapaces a fait tellement de mal a l'Art veritable! Enfin, tout n'est pas perdu, et je crois que la jeune generation se rend compte de l'immense hypocrisie qu'il y a eu dans l'Art moderne et veut revenir vers de vraies bases. Maintenant, ce qu'il faudrait faire, c'est commencer par virer de toutes ces ecoles d'Art les professeurs qui ne savent rien d'autres qu'utiliser de belles paroles et un peu d'histoire de l'Art, et qui n'ont rien a faire dans ces ecoles!

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Etant dans une école d'art, je regrette qu'on nous enseigne plus la beauté dans toute sa splendeur et quand je vois une toile comme ça, je me dis qu'il y a encore de l'espoir. Vous êtes quelqu'un que j'admire par le talent mais aussi par la capacité à rendre une toile aussi vivante, bourrée de réalisme. En tous les cas bravo encore, waouh !!

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look at the folds on the clothes..*gasp* it looks soo real *tears well into the eyes*..i am not surprised if you win!

Art at its best.