The Gate by vacher

The Gate

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Added: Apr 12, 2003
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Here it is: the painted version of the black and white sketch I posted in my gallery a few months ago.

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Maybe, why not. But the real spark for my inspiration is generally not words, but music.

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Would you ever consider doing any art pieces commemorating the works of Henry Kendall?
I can really see his words painted on convas, but I think the only person good enough is you.

vacher's picture

Yes, the original was just sold for $3500.00 on the 3rd of May during a show I had at Kaleidoscope Gallery in Mission Viejo. 5 people wanted to buy it.
I'm now making a limited edition print of it on canvas of 195. The size is 11" x 14".
If you want to know more, contact me at Thanks.

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any chance of prints, lithos??? anything???

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j'adore les couleurs qui se dégagent de ce tableau, les jeux de lumière qui développent les côtés sombres et lumineux pour rendre l'attrait d'autant plus mystérieux. Il y a tout une dimension théâtral dans cette toile, le fait de mettre le personnage au centre entouré de lumière, c'est vraiment extraordinaire ! Je dis chapeau bas, quel artiste !

vacher's picture

Thank you, Judith, thank you all for your nice comments!

kisu-ayla's picture

weird, i wrote a comment before, but it seems as if epilogue has not submittet it corrrect o.O;
what i wanted to say: i love t his picture, because it´s very mystic with a vry warm atmosphere.the natural setting is so full od details, it´s unbelievable... i wish i could be at such a beautiful place -- but, i think - no place on earth can be so wonderful, full of spirit like the places/pictures grown in your "head" Smile - oh my god... my english is terrible, forgive me, im not able to speak out what i´m really thinking *drop*

kisu-ayla's picture

very mystic.. i love this very much! i love this warm atmosphere, the natural setting, the colors.. perfect, really .. *sighs* i whish i could be at such a beautiful place in the world Smile

isenho's picture

the lighting, so good and magical. In awe

Guest's picture

This piece has that characteristical "epic" feeling about it,as do all of your pictures...And there's the tiny girl again ! Nice job !

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i love the feel of this painting, its so magical and warm...u bring fantasy to makes me believe that somewhere deep in the woods, such a place could exist

feral's picture

A well deserved editor pick.

atomicmonkey's picture

i hope to understand and control color and light so well...i only have (as far as I know) another 40 years...

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This is incredible work - the lighting is awesome to behold, the rendering superbly detailed, a fantastic composition overall.

hauntess's picture

I have to admit I don't usually go for landscape-type things, but something made me open this. I gotta tell you, it simply sucks you in, I almost felt dizzy, that's how much i wanted to be THERE, in that picture. simply hypnotizing. I bow my head to you, and thank you.

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When I first saw this image I was like WOW this is great! Then I saw the name of the person who did it and was no longer suprised as all your work is stunning. Your an amazing artist. Keep up the good work.

sferris's picture

Hey I liked the pencil, this is even better!

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This is gorgeous! It reminds me of something out of 'A Song for Arbonne' actually (Guy Gavriel Kay). Great use of color and light and texture.

elbereth's picture

It's simply beautiful! I feel all warm and fuzzy just looking at it. Smile

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Really damn good man. Nice, ancient and mystical. Once I find the secret door to the place where the human imagination becomes reality, it wouldn't surprise me if I popped out about where the young lady is standing. Great detail and feel, better than the eye can see so to speak. Really Damn Good.

aragorn's picture

A well deserved Editor's pick. One of your better pieces. I always enjoy seeing your new additions.

jeshannon's picture

Stunning !! as is all your work

Guest's picture

the detail!! the lighting!! *GASP*

mermalior's picture

Insane technic! You are crazy:)

swisnie's picture

Christophe, your work is always inspiring. It is perfect the way you depict sunlight.

look's picture

it's really nice. I love the sunshine. they make me feel so warm... Love the color!

wolfvayne's picture

Agh - that is so wonderful!!! I can really feel like I am *in* there. The colours and lighting are just brilliant Smile Definitely worthy of Editor's Pick!!

k-t-roo's picture

i WANT to be there!! it looks so calm and serene. i love it. you can almost feel the warmth of the sun and a slight breeze lifting the branches. lovely

maura's picture

This is so worm, it's the perfect image for spring. I wonder where that gate would take me. It's really beautiful, the atmosphere makes me feel relaxed and content. Good art.

lisahunt's picture

I agree with Eleni, wonderful lighting. I feel like I am there, and that's it's a real place. Congratulations on the Editor's Pick.

Art at its best.