Fairy by vacher


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Added: Jan 05, 2004
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i really liked this it had beautiful colors to it. congrats on the editor's pick.

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I can't believe this is watercolour! You're so talented:)

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breath-taking. Really good use of colour here.

vacher's picture

Thank you, Malin, and Rachel, and Kelly and all the people who keep posting comments Smile

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the colours are wonderful! i should use my watercolours , too ind next time ^^.

ja ne , me chan

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It looks so serene and peacful...I love it.

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The color is amazing

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Hmmm...What could I say that hasn't been said already ? Stunning piece of art,although I prefer thumb-sized fairies... I seriously doubt she can fly with those small wings but that's just a minor complaint.Overall, GREAT !

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Love the details on the fabric. However, I see something wrong with one of the feet. It doesn't look natural to meh. Overall...lovely.

vacher's picture

Thank you, Gothnymph13, Romina, and everyone else.

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This is basic comment on the whole gallery...AMAZING! It's so fresh and the way the moumental size of some of the formations in the olders one's are shown, with the comparison to a figure. It's absoloutly stunning! Feel's like I could fall into it. Wonderful...

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It is so tranquil and beautiful I want to walk into it and never come back,wonderful job Chris.

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GOD!!I ALMOST CRIED VIEWING YOUR PIC!!!IT IS STUNNING OVERWHELMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh...well worthy of Editor's pick...stunning...beautiful...the fluidity of tne waterfall so perfectly well done...her dress merging with the water...just...AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*dies*

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Peaceful, easy feeling.

You do the most gorgeous fabric folds. I always find them completely riveting. And I don't care how ODD that might sound!

Another beautiful piece. Thank you.

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Lovely lighting and colors~ Inspiring work as always Smile

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Thanks, James, thanks Stan, Marilyn and all the others.
Very encouraging.

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Mmmh...I'm trying, Ken, I'm trying.

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Stunning, Christophe! dreamlike and whimsical, her dress and the water are outstanding! beautifuly detailed painting!

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Christophe, always look forward to seeing your next work. Very inspiring. I love the inner glow and light source that signatures your work.

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Merci, Marcel.
Great work in your gallery too.

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Thanks, Marley.
I'll do some scenic landscape again, no worries.

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The folds in her robe are superb! I find them almost impossible to do. Wonderful work! I really like the stream too.

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quote ken meyer jr:"you bastard,stop being so darn good" i Have to agree with this statement..How many editors picks is this now?cmon christophe share them round Wink.i love the stream and the rocks,so natural looking.I would like to be cheeky and ask if you could do another scenic landscape painting ^^*(i know this is scenic already).Some of your earlier art was just a joy to look at!.

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I cannot believe it's watercolor... That's so stunning great!

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you bastard, stop being so darn good!

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Great watercolor job, the details in the gown and of course the calm atmosphere that wraps the figure is just wonderful. Bravo Christophe, c'est vraiment merveilleux !

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Absolutely stunning - congrats on the editor's pick!

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So beautiful...the colors are marvelous!

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Art at its best.