Troll Fell by vacher

Troll Fell

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Added: Jul 05, 2004
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Book cover for Troll Fell, written by Katherine Langrish. Harper Collins Publishing. Done in Photoshop.

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How The Hell did you do THAT in Photoshop?
: )>

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hi i was wondering could you try and make a photo of your impression of the word "xoskell" thanks
cheers, cameron cole(a.k.a xoskell)

thejeff's picture

this is a clinic on dynamics, christophe. in the midst of that vast forest, the fell fairly pulses with magic. yow! i am going to school on your stuff fellah!

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Tres joli travail dans tous vos tableaux sur ce site. Dommage que Disney ne profitera plus de votre talent. Mais qui donc est cette jolie rousse aux cheveux bouclees qui reapparait dans vos tableaux?

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wow, if I could get one of those in my backyard, I'd definitively got one. Your work is quite amazing, you must have the most exciting dreams comming up with all those great pictures. Good luck to you.

j-art's picture

digital!!!!???!?!? - oh man, impressive - no words to describe my feelings when i see your art - so i just leave in silence......

patrik's picture

Wonderful piece, Christophe. I wish you much success in your spiritual work.

megaflow's picture

Your digital work is just as distinctive as your Oil. Wonderful lighting, and I enjoy how you've put so much movement into the painting without any characters, just using the composition and light to move the eye around... Spiffy work!

christar's picture

You're a good sport Christophe. Wink

christar's picture

Your a good sport Christophe.

vacher's picture

Mmmh...That doesn't sound legal, does it? ;D

Guest's picture

See. I should have stayed anonymous. Sad

Guest's picture

In that case, it was me! Crazy Chris Shepard! Wheeee!
Unfortunately, my gallery is gone though, deleted in a fit of childish frustration because one of my images wasn't accepted.
Don't worry about me though, there's a big post in the community forum of Epilogue where I have been enlightened on the subject.
It's titled "who has a right to Pursue Art As a career" take a peek at it if you're interested.
Now back to viewing your art.
Each stroke of your paint brush releases a flood of endorphins and other pleasurable neurochemicals in my brain (that's a good thing). Aaaaaah Smile

vacher's picture

Thank you, whoever you are. I don't know if I have seen your gallery or not, but like you said, it's all relative. We always look onto artists we consider better than us, the same way other artists consider us.
Life is a long learning curve, from the craddle to the grave, and I'm not any different.

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I didn't leave my name because I didn't think it would matter. I don't have the talent that you have in your pinky finger.
You have probably been to my gallery before and never posted, but I don't blame you. It's hard to get interested in work that is so amateuristic and undeveloped, I know because I have felt that way myself about other's art (it's all relative).
Still, I couldn't help but put my opinion down here.
Your work has grown on me over the years, and I really love it.
Hope I get to see them up close in a gallery exhibition some day.
Take Care sir.

contemplator's picture

I love the indigo/violet sky contrasting with the lush foreground...wonderful Smile

vacher's picture

I'm not sure I could ever compare to a giant such as Leonardo, but anyway, thank you for the nice words, whoever you are.

vacher's picture

Thanks, Ken. How is the calendar doing?

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So lush and organic, your works are always alive and invigorating. You tap into something metaphysical, magical, mystical. It's like your soul is in touch with the spirit of Nature itself. I like you as much as Leonardo DaVinci.
I think you've really put your signature on Epilogue.

kenmeyerjr's picture

Agggggg, Christophe, stop being so damn good! And digital no less!

Art at its best.