Sacred Hour II by vacher

Sacred Hour II

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 21, 2005
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This image is actually the oil version of a study that I put up months ago, that was called "Sacred Hour/study". It would have created confusion to call this one "Sacred Hour" again, but it was still the title I wanted for the actual oil painting. So, I called it "Sacred Hour II" instead.
Oil on canvas, 24" x 30".

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Chris...I do not have words to express the beauty I see in your work here...Do you sell any of these as prints...this is breathtaking. Joan Nielson

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I really loved this picture you are so talented not many people could pull this off

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Fantastic picture,my favourite of you!

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A poem ... thank you

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inspiration and beauty,
this really touched me

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Absolutely amazing (like all of your artwork!). The fabric in particular is just breathtakingly well done!

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!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!! this is sooo amazing!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! if this isnt a reaction i dont know what is, kinda feel like a chick, but yeah this work is soooo beautiful! (no offense against chicks) i am completely envious of your talent, peace be with you and hope angels surround you ; )

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I love our work I love this picture, I think of the christopher walken 'prophecy' movies. so much talent to work with oils I am in awe of your talent

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i dont know what to say more than perfect

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Could Like Matt Hughes

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Thank you, Brandy.

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You are truly amazing, your colors and every is so perfect! Your work is just that amazingly perfect.

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Thank you, Keri.
Very nice sculptures in your gallery too.

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What a comforting work of art! So warm and full of love and care! Very touching and spiritual! I love it!

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Thank you, and thank you everyone for the nice comments.

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You are the most talented person I've ever seen in my life!!!
Your art is so wonderful and with a lot of details, so I could look at them for hours!
Please give us more of your fantastic pics!
Du bist ein wahrer Künstler, den ich sehr schätze! Smile))

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This piece took my breath away.

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Shock:o:o I cant describe it in more than one word! Stunning............

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omg! this is one of the most wonderful pieces of art that i ever saw - think you know that i love all your work - but as this piece opened up i can't believe what i saw - thank you, thank you so much for your art, i really mean that - and now i am going on looking at this wonderful artwork and try to believe and understand what i see there.....

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Wonderful piece. Kind of reminds me of Cupid and Psyche from ancient mythology, especially at the point in the myth when Psyche becomes immortal. Just a random thought...anyway, love this piece, very beautiful.

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I might as well add my praise along with everyone else's. An absolutely beautiful piece Christophe. Stunning lighting and atmosphere, and just wonderful rendering. Fantastic. Smile

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Thank you Katy (and everyone else) for the nice words.
To answer your question, yes, I have prints of my work. The open editions are handled by Duirwaigh Publishing ( If there are images they don't have and that you are interested in, just let me know. I also handle all the limited edition prints on canvas (you can also order them through Duirwaigh).

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I was wondering when I'd get to feast my eyes upon anouther one of your etheral works..Gorgeous as always...simply breath-taking.

Art at its best.