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Added: May 16, 2002
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Dedicated to Wenche Skjøndal

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Hahaha! Very nice! Laughing out loud

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The imps are just precious! I have to admit, I picture creatures like them being responsible for all my missing socks...


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Have you ever heard of the website for all art and interactive media . It is called

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i couln't put my finger on it on till i saw this art work ones more...... and finaly got to it the artist is coverd on the fearies like elfs but to its imagination on the mirrow you can see the artist in the real worl as it sit to alone in a mind to worlds...

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your welcome

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Okay, thanks anyway!

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it was a dutch story and i don't think it is translated in english or any other language

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You don't suppose you remember the name of the story? Sounds interesting. Thank you for pointing it out.

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a fex days ago, i read a pretty good book about a guy who heard voices in his head and saw weird creatures at the beginning he was tormented by them even thought about killing himself, but at the end of the book, he could live with the weird creatures; they didn't tormented him anymore.I had a pretty good image of the tormented part in my head, bu i never could imagine somebody who could live with those weird creatures, now, i can, thank u very much

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Your technique is an inspiration Xavier.

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We all need a bit of luck in this business so of course I wish you the same. Thank you Peter.

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Well, thank you for the comment in my gallery. I really enjoyed looking through your work, and had to leave me final thoughts on this lovely piece. You have such an assured, confident use of graphite, with what seems to be no lack of flair. I wish you every luck in the future with all that you do. I too will be an assured regular here! Keep up the great work.

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I like the reflection in the mirror...very nice composition! Perspective is a bane of mine, and I think you've done a great job! And hey, thanks for stopping by my gallery; I like to return the favor!

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Simply wonderful! You and Wenche are bouncing of each other creatively.You bring joy to us all.

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What a lovely pic! A very talented family!

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Still going strong! Checking "you´re" site for new pic´s every day/ Conny Smile

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Chris, you're awesome! First your mom does one of you (which I loved by the way) & you return the favor with a masterpiece of your own. This piece ROCKS! What a talented family! Is your sister in on the deal too? Keep up the great work.

Guest's picture are a mother's dream. This is so very sweet and funny!

Art at its best.