Demonfire by chrisxavier


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Added: Sep 18, 2002
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I'm new to digital-media so I'd really be grateful for any comments or critique.

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*blushes* Thank you Kay! I am so appreciative for the advice you have given me and for the incredible compliment of having faith in my progress. I'm so curious on this, for me, totally new medium but I feel like a child lost in a supermarket. Thank you for guiding me home Kay.

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Ahhhh digital..something I can help you with. You have an awesome tech with your pencil work...look at the digital the same way. I do my digital just like I was using a brush....but I also do some paintings as if I was using a pencil (especially ones with lots of textures..don't use texture tools)...

Make it big in your program...and get in all those wonderful pencil strokes. Then use the airbrush tool set on a low opacity and color over in layers until you get the effects you want. Works better then the smear tool..although I am not saying not to use that too...but you have to use it carefully.
I like this...with a little practice you can do some awesome digital stuff too.

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I bow to you Chris! There is too much celebration and false flattering going on here on Epilogue sometimes and I'm glad there are still some who dare to speak their mind. I am very grateful for the advice and I will keep it in mind if I ever urge to produce more digital. Wink Once again, thank you Chris for your positive critique. “To say yes is easy but to say no takes a lot of guts.”

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I think you should avoid excessive use of the smear tool, and maybe use an air brush to paint the flames in overlapping layers; otherwise, great color scheme and monster design, and that skin texture is very ingenuitive.

Art at its best.