Tranquillity by stormi


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Added: Jun 29, 2003
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"Sugar" is my character, I morphed her from Koshini & created her texture. I'm not trying to say I painted it. It's Digital artwork, not traditional.

Thank you for visiting & for your kind comments.

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...That face gives me the creeps, otherwise very pretty...but yeah, it looks like chuckies bride.

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Well, on the whole I like this piece, but I think she looks more like she is hypnotized and being drawn to a vampire who remains hidden out of site of the picture. All, in all an enjoyable piece. Patter

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Well, I really like the dress and the background. The tital goes with it as well. But I don't like the face and the hands.

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Er, you picture is rather strange. The woods are very well done but I don't like how you did the person's face. The dress is also quite nice.

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Well done Tara! It is a pleasure to view your work here and I love the composition!

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I didnt say there was anything wrong with digital. I didnt say the picture wasnt nice. I said epilogue is hypocritical with its rules and what it lets in.
I know of six digital artist that have been denied a place here because they are accused of "obviouse use of digital tools" as well as other of their standard reject lines. the fact of the matter was that they didnt use anything other then the same program you are using in this piece. with no after graphic program work done to them. they were exceptional pieces {at least three of the artist were with contracts for publishing} the hypocracy with which they wield in leting things in or rejecting work is a joke at best.
Digital is art. but they should stop with the double standard.
Though I find it amusing that an artist they have repeatedly rejected for digital art has recently won an award and a publishing contract. to bad when the day comes epilogue wont be in the list of "thank yous" for the chance to get the foot in.
They miss out alot in great work and artists.

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I don't understand what the problem is with a few people here, this image is in the Digital gallery, doesn't that mean that you put digital renders in the digital gallery. I'm very sure that many artists could Dust this image with their talent, I don't pretend to be a trditional artist or even a great digital artist. I'm a character texture artist, meaning I morph and texture Poser characters.

I did not draw the character in the picture, I morphed new faces and created a more realistic texture for a Character called Koshini that I bought at DAZ and will sell there.

I'm sorry if some of you have a problem with this image being accepted here at Epilogue, I created it however bad you think it is, and they accepted it which was no fault of my own. I don't know the staff here and didn't
argue when it was accepted. Maybe I should have and asked "but why would you put this in your DIGITAL gallery, anyone can see it's not Taditional."

Thanks to all the kind people who liked my little offering and didn't think that it needed to be explained why it was here and who made what.

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that is the thing though she didnt make the charecter at all she bought it. she bought the dress as well.
and actually Yes my company does do digital art. we do not sell online but in galleries. So in actuallity yes I do know what I am talking about.
it is things like this that make alot of artist just shake their head at epilogue. the hypocracy of it. they tell some that the use of digital tools are not allowed then allow work like this and others in. they say nothing pre-fab or made with filters yet this is utterly prefab with the exception of perhaps the texture map.
and I do agree the tools used should not judge the art but then go tell those that run epilogue that as they have turned down alot of art that dusts this because they didnt either like the artist or they had some other personal reason behind it.

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I like it, no matter it be digital or traditional, and I think the proportions are off intentionally. Good job, nice mood.

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Lovely image, Tara! the woods are amazing, such a great fairytale feel to the scenery! your main character is so cute! love her dress, nicely detailed! well done!

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I don't care if you used some program to make it. It's still art and it took time and skill to get it to look this good. I personally like the big head and hands, she is adorable. The composition and colors on this also make it just that much better. I don't care what those other people think, I would love to see them try to make it look as good as you do.

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the reason it is out of proportion is because the person didnt draw it. it is from a 3d program. actually every piece of the picture is from different 3d suppliers. I believe that is koshini. a charecter from Daz3d as well as the dress.
it is a shame that epilogue has to keep a level of hypocracy in its art. it denies others 3d program work but allows in others. if you want to see great work go to
at least there hyopcracy doesnt decide what is allowed to be seen

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Good Picture I really like the backdrop. However, I would take into consideration the size of the head and the hands, They seem a bit large compared to the size of the body. But I love the light comming into the forest and the mountains in the back, great sense of detail on the trees and grass in front of her. Keep up the good work.

Art at its best.