Black Mage by xar

Black Mage

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Added: Sep 09, 2002
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This image is also based on Raistlin from the Dragonlance, but I changed some details. Perhaps I used too much black color here. It's on a brown paper btw...

2005: Recolored Picture

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leojr's picture

Holy cow, this is freakingly amazing. Great job indeed.
BTW, Raistlin was the first thing I thought of when seeing this image - Before reading your description Smile. Anyway, it looks really great.

xar's picture

Ha, thank you very much! Smile
I wish I had the time to upload more pictures like this. Actually I don't, because I'm working on two different game projects, designing all the stuff. This usually does not give me much free time, and if it does ...I don't want spend it into drawing, you know ...but I hope I will be able to upload some new pics in the further months.

Guest's picture

Wow! I love dragonlance, esp raistlin, and this picture had me staring for ages. I just couldn't stop looking at it! YOu are an amazing artist! MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!

Guest's picture

I wondered if you could tell me what type or if possible even what brand you use, as I am entering art school and still exploring various mediums. Thank you for this beautiful picture.

xar's picture

Thank you Chris! Still trying to improve myself...

chrisxavier's picture

Just incredible stuff Daniel! The amount of detail in your colored pencil-works never seizes to amaze me.

xar's picture

Thank you very much Patrick! To hear that from an artist like you means a lot to me. Your favorite medium is oil, isn't it? Your pics are amazing!! Specially "Windmill" (going crazy!). This would not be possible with colored least not for me Smile In fact, there are not too many artists I really admire, but you are definitely one of them!

xar's picture

Thanks! It took a lot of patience (what I usually don't have)

megaflow's picture

Great costume! I love colored pencils myself, so it's always nice to see them used so effectively.

Guest's picture

wow.. definitly a black mage.. i love the gritty dark details..

xar's picture

Thank you, Sera. First it was a woman, btw, but after finishing the face, it had just lost his female touch, so I changed some details (first there was a female leg coming out of the robes - wouldn't make sence now *g*) and so it was getting a male black mage...

Guest's picture

You capture his presence,mood and power so well, coloured pencils WOW.

xar's picture

Wow, that's nice, thank you! It IS colored pencils, believe me Smile

sooj's picture

IM GONNA DIE!! COLOR PENCIL!!!! JEEVUS! what i mean to say is, this is a fabulous pic, it shows depth, great movement and feel! the clothes are awsome and i cant believe its color pencil!!

Art at its best.