Daidoji Rekai by aprillee

Daidoji Rekai

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Added: Jul 10, 2002
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Rekai is a young samurai archer; a member of the Crane Clan, whose colors are blue and silver. This artwork was created for the LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS collectible card game, published by Alderac Entertainment Group.

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You do incredible work... beautifully done! She's got the elegance of the Crane, but that 'do NOT start with me' attitude of the Daidoji. Awesome!

aprillee's picture

The copyright to this image actually belongs to Alderac Entertainment Group, so I could not have given permission for it to be used elsewhere. *sigh* Thanks for the tip! Alderac probably won't try and sue them or anything. They have the same problem as the rest of us in trying to protect their copyright--it's a lot of trouble and sometimes it's not worth the time and effort...

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this portrait kind of reminds me of the character chris from the video game suikoden III. it looks fantastic andso does your talent for bringing out such images in acrylics

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I've seen this pic somewhere... a long time ago, I was playing Baldur's Gate, and looking for portraits for characters. I know I've seen this on one of the fan sites... I don't know if it was credited or not or even if they had your permission, but I thought I'd mention it... if you look up fansites for "Baldur's Gate" or "Icewind Dale" you might find it... sorry if this is just something you already know. -_-;

It looks awesome, by the way! ^^;

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I usually don't have time to shoot models for reference. I was using a magazine photo of an Asian actress... but I have to change things enough so that I'm not infringing on any copyrights, of course.

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This is one serious SAMURAI BABE,I love the look on her face,you must be very proud of this,did you use a model.

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Thanks! ^_^ Everyone's got to start somewhere, and EQ and fanzines were a great place to nurture talent in writing and art. I'd still dabble in fanzines if I had the time. It's a lot of fun, and I've met a lot of great people through fandom.

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Simply amazing! I remember always being seriously impressed with your work in EQ fanzines, but your paintings are just incredible!

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You found the best place to show your great art! I hope you'll upload your all pics:))) Good luck... (your hungarian fan: LL)

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In the interest of clarity... I have to say that this piece, too, should proabably have been labeled "mixed media." I just hate doing that, since it doesn't say much. Like my "Percis" painting, this was primarily airbrushed FW Acrylic Inks, colored pencils and detailed with acrylic paint (highlights, darks, eyes, hair, etc.). Acrylics are pretty hard to get a handle on. The totally painted-with-a-brush acrylic pieces so far are "Twilight Hunters" and "Butterfly Demon Sword."

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Wow! you are one of my favourite of the L5R CCG's,(ESP Crane) Love the way you draw the face. it's great to see you here in Epilogue. (I know I have a long way to go, but I wish to draw for L5R CCG, can you give me some pointers?) +blush+

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You really have a handle on acrylics. My hat's off to you.

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Again, great textures, the metallic sheen on the armor is superb. She looks beautiful, deadly, and noble all at the same time.

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All your work is wonderful- I'll have to check out your site:)

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Very Beautiful, April. Welcome to Epilogue.

Art at its best.