With Backs to the Wall - Part 3 by tundra

With Backs to the Wall - Part 3

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Added: Jul 04, 2007
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Last part in the series for my final.

This one is based on a specific person that went on a whacky drug binge. When he came back from whatever place he went to to do it, he was throwing up for three days. Some of it bloody.

In a way, he kind of started this series because after watching him suffer like that, I drew a couple of hammers heads inflicting misery upon themselves in much the same fashion.

He's done crank a couple of times since. When asked why, he says, "I think to myself, 'it can't be worse than the last time I did it,' yet lo and behold, it is."

Kids? Don't do crank. It's probably the stupidest of all the drugs you could do. It's hellish. And pointless. And nasty. Especially when couple with two or three other drugs.

I showed the guy this drawing, he likes it a lot. He says what I drew captures what it feels like: utter shit. He's pretty proud he inspired some art, but I hope I inspired him in some way too.

Pen and marker.

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Haha... I like mint!

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this is deminted

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Your Black and white images are hard-hitting and powerful. Your "Hammerhead" series deserves a wider audience. Well done.

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Your three images are terrific! They represent a lot of what I feel about people, and they are drawn masterfully! great job!

Art at its best.