Out of the Gutter by jmrart

Out of the Gutter

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 09, 2003
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Frame #666 from a 3D animation piece I'm working on for my demo reel. Let me know what you guys think!

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megaflow's picture

Hey, that's going to be one hell of a good reel, if this frame is any indication! Good luck. (Can't wait to see the whole thing on your site - you should post a notice on the Forums when it's up!).

jmrart's picture

Marley! You have no idea how happy you just made me! I was afraid with so much going on that people would miss the much less futuristic houses and apartment buildings down below. I love that mixture as well. It always seems so much more believable to me. I'm glad you like it! Thanx!

jmrart's picture

Hey Larry- The entire 25 second shot is 750 frames long- this is just one frame. It was done in 3D studio MAX. Basically, you build the world in a 3D environment and then set up cameras and the computer does the rest. Its a ton of work. Every texture on all the surfaces in this I created in Photoshop as well as importing a number splines (shapes that can be used in a 3D program) that I created in Freehand. The 25 seconds of this scene represents about 3 months worth of all my free time. I should have a small version of the full scene up on my website as a movie file soon. Thanks so much for liking it- its always good to know its all worth while.

thrax-1's picture

it looks fabulous J*.I love sci-fi landscapes,the light sourcing in this piece looks natural.I love the mixture of old architecture,with the new.I have always found that aspect in sci-fi very intriguing.I works very well j* awesome!.

doog's picture

I think it looks bloody amazing !
Are you creating this piece one frame at a time ?

Art at its best.