Oceanic Adventure by ghost

Oceanic Adventure

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 16, 2002
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My original idea, just something to show my appreciation to anime artists.

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I've seen othere pic's of yours all over mostly your harry potter stuff and I love them all. This one shows everything I look for in a good artist. Your amazing

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Thanks! There are some details, but I shrink this down for protection reasons. Sorry!

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this really reminds me of treasure island(might i add that i was a great book)it seems like a dream,so mysterious yet meaningful,i really like this piece

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ahh!! i know who you are too!! i love this, though the one in the middle looks suspiciously like one of your pictures of Ron.... on your website i mean....
The first thing i thought of when i saw this was 'treasure island'. ok, so technically i thought 'muppet treasure island'.. *cough* sorry...it was the pirate dude at the top...*cough again*
sorry i'll leave now...draw more!
oh wait, i also really really like the colours you chose for the sky/water, and that bit of fire down in the corner.
buhbye for real now.*runs away trying to avoid the stares*

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Yet to develop a style. Puh! Take
another look, your style is pretty distinctive as it is, all it can do is evolve into bigger and better things.
Appreciate your own work a little more, we all do.

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This picture looks as the professional illustrations for RPG games.

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Beautiful, beautiful colors and characters. I particularly like the girl in the front.

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i know who you are! i've seen your work on Harry Potter sites! love it, very madd!

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thank you! though I wish it were bigger, it seems sooo detailed but I can hardly see it all!

Art at its best.