The Horde by mangalore

The Horde

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 13, 2002
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The Osther-Oc are known to the rest of the world only as the warwaging servants of the Darkelves, however only few know that even the most subdued Orc has still an uncontained longing for freedom.
And so it were the Osther-oc that once rallied together under the leadership of a Lady of War and challenged their opressors.
Their hopeless battle has never been forgotten in the songs of their brothers...(that's only part of the story, of course!Wink)Thanks to Socar Myles for her wonderful Cloud tutorial. It helped me alot on the scenery for this one!

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Im the owner of Avegost Inc the roleplaying community on yahoo. (Your welcome to join) and I'd like to feature this on our site do you mind?

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You were, very very very... er..
I dunno what to say, but I really admire your detailed work on the horde! You were very good on drawing. a plus, for the sky, very match season for battle Smile

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looking for goblin&
do you have any ideas
thank you

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Well, it was not too bad. My patience run out after some time but luckily I found it again lateron. Thanks that you like it!

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wow.. frightning~! great background/foreground settings, the sky and the grasslandscape are gorgious.. must took real patience to draw all those men.. but it looks like your patience paid of, cause it looks grand ^^!!

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Well, you still could try to run! Wink

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Ugh. I don't want to be the viewer! that means they're going to attack and i'm on the side getting attacked. -meep- very good -s-

Art at its best.