Valkyrie # 5 by biggauge

Valkyrie # 5

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Added: Sep 24, 2002
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As you can probably guess, this image is the fifth in a series of Valkyrie images. Some sort of nordic woman fantasy I have.

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The spear/javelin/pole arm/ phallus is too thin on the shaft end. Yes thats it..and you know she could just set one hand on the scabbard and draw it out with her other hand..Its how most swords have to be drawn.

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I love your explanation about the thong Smile

Anyway I see a problem with the sword, besides it inpossible to draw a sword that big from the back it got no counterwhight in the end of the hilt. This would make a sword terribly unbalanced. Well maybe the sword are to be drawn by another valkyrie. And maybe this sword model comes with a counterweight of depleted urarnium for maximum weight in a small volume.. Wink

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I usually use photos, either taken myself or found. Because I'm a sloppy artist, I block everything out on tracing paper tacked onto my final surface. This way I can move things around, add, remove or alter without screwing up an expensive piece of BFK. Sometimes I have to go to the mirror or get people to pose for a few minutes to get a hand or other parts correct.
Faces are usually done through photographs. Otherwise they tend to come out cartoony.
Musculature I can do without reference, for the most part. I took a couple of anatomy classes in college. You would be amazed at how much that can enhance your figure drawing. That and visiting the medical school labs once in a while.

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It's the new "Miracle Thong" at Valaria's Secret in Asgard.

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Nice anatomy- goes for all your sketches. Do you use any sort of reference?

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Is the sword held by the thong of her bikini ? With that belt past her hips the sword should be on the ground, those things are heavy you know...

Art at its best.