A Moment to Regroup by bloom797

A Moment to Regroup

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 28, 2002
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A commission piece by a couple that loves D&D. The husband played the girl wizard in this pic, and the wife played the male....

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Wah. He's so pretty.

bloom797's picture

::sigh:: I know...I really had a thing for him...now its Orlando Bloom.
Although Jason will always have a place in my heart...hee hee.

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fantastic! the man really looks like actor jason behr. it's uncanny...

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the first thing that struck me was the level of detail in the background blossoms and columns - wow, this is really amazing. The foreground figures are impressively rendered, with fantastic clothes and great poses. A truly great piece!

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pretty stunning - hope t see more male figure work here!

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This is just incredible. The roses, the smooth cloak and the gloved hands. Just amazing.

bloom797's picture

I use "hot-pressed" illustration board. Hot pressed because hardly any texture...which is good for me. The size of this piece was 14x17, and took me close to 40 hours to complete. Those damn little roses were a "pain"!

griffingirl's picture

Colored pencil?? You gotta be joshin' me! Entirely too lovely!

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Excellent work- I agree with Dan, the amount of detail work is stunning. Great colors as well- the subtle color shifts in their clothes and skin tone is wonderful.

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You must have an abundance of patience. To do this quality of colored pencil work takes a hell of a lot of time. The amount of detail and range of colors blows my mind. You've got amazing control. What size is this piece and what sort of paper do you use? My hat's off to you, Carrie.

Art at its best.