Emerald Mists by bloom797

Emerald Mists

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 29, 2002
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One of my older pieces,but still a fave. I did her in the year 200 for that years ST. Patricks day.
I have a thing for meshing colors together that really shouldn't go!

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Is She a mermaid? Looks like a tail behind her. Or is it a giant toadstool?
Either way very pretty.

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Another green picture, another great picture! This is fantastically done - her hair is nicely detailed, as is her dreas and the background has had a lot of care put into it. Again, I love the highlights, great work!!

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but red and green go so nicely together ^-^ that's my favourite combination.
anyway, I think I've already commented on this in Elfwood, but in case I didn't - it's lovely. one of my favs out of your pieces. it looks very mystical and, indeed, Irish ^-^

bloom797's picture

I like for some strange reason, to opposite colors together.....call it quirky.
I think I will do a lavender and a gold piece someday.....

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Thanks for the compliment!!
especially since she is an older piece...

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I just love this Picture! It is Wonderful! I love how her Red Hair, almost Blends in with the Green, like the are ment for each other! It is amazing, the Dress is Beautiful also, It is just an amazing picture.

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STUNNING! I love colour pencils, but what you have achieved is incredible, totally inspiring

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absolutely stunning. i love the colors especially, it's so enchanting. you are awesome, keep up the great work

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Gorgeous, rich, emerald greens

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Thats a very cool name by the way. I like exotic names like that....oh, anyway thank you for the nice comment..yes, I like irish "anything" So I pay extra attention to St. Patricks day.

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Thank you! LOL. I am glad I got you all excited!
I wish I could get that excited about my work.....I am my own worst critic.

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It's very beautiful. It has almost an Irish backround to it

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Colors that shouldn't go my butt!! That's one VERY delicious picture!! YEEEOOWW!! SHE's Frick'en gorgeous!! Ah sigh! I didn't know you could DO that with colored pencils!! BY GOD! You are AMAZING. Very, VERY cool stuff there.

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WOW what amazing work .. love the details.. cant wait to see more

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Wow, this is good for such an early painting! (Year 200). Only joking, this is amazing.

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Hey, I see you found your way here : )

Hope you have lots of luck with your art.

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St Patrick's day ? That explains why she is suffering from a hangover. This the day after. Wink
She is great. More, more !

Art at its best.