Spirit Hunter by goldenwolf

Spirit Hunter

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 07, 2002
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A tiger warrior tracks his wounded prey through the forest, his spirit guide leading the way (can you find the hidden tiger in the trees?).

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this is one of my favourite i love the colours

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His "spirit guide" is in the tree above the Hunters head.
My friends told me about your work and I absolutly LOVE it!!

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This drawing is so amazing. I love tigers so this is the perfect drawing. I LOVE it

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Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it *yeaaaa*
YEAAA, ADORABLE, LONG, FLUFFY TAIL *yeaa fluffy tails* nice title

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I cant see it! Help me!

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Eeeep! I found the tiger! It took me forever! BTW, I love your work. You rank up there with my favorite artists. Keep drawing!

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i like this pic it is my favorite one. i have never tried to draw a tiger like this brfore, i usualy draw huskies and werewolfs. n e way i love it. ~~Darkend_Raven~~

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EEp! I see the tiger guide! *dances*

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This person obvisously loves tigers and I love them alot! Great Job and Keep it up!!!!!

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Great tiger/winter image! I can't find the hidden tiger either, but I still love the picture. Good to see the 'ol colored pencils gettting a workout.

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I've had this art for over a year as a screen background on my computer and I never noticed the hidden tiger Smile
again, christy, I absolutely adore your art and whenever I have that artistic hole I pass by your goldenwolfen and suck up some energy. thank you so much!

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I just want to add to the praise of previous comments - superb stuff Smile

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this is great work. it's nice to see someone using color pencils for art. color pencils have always been my favorite medium for my art. computer art is okay but nothing like doing things the ol' fashion way. sincerely

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Your work is wonderful, Christy! Doing things with colored pencils I have yet to learn. This is one of my favorite pieces of yours.

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I know it can be rude to compare a painting to another but your work reminds me of native paintings I saw in cheyenne. they depicted snow forests and appaloosa horses but the feeling of intricacy is the same. Great job indeed !

heatherwind's picture

This is, without a doubt, my absolute favorite of your work to date. I love tigers, and your texture work and expression on this majestic beauty are just exquisite. I also think you've captured the feeling of cold and stillness in the snow-laden forest beautifully - no small thing! This is just a glorious piece all around. Well done!

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You have to look at the skinny branches and a rock to see the tiger I think ^_~ I love how you've shown the fur in this. Enought detail to be felt but not enough to make the tiger look busy with detail.

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AHHH!!! What tiger in the trees? I can't find him either- but I love this piece. Just incredible. The bow and his stance are perfect. I wouldn't want that gaze hunting me!

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You sure know how to handle your colored pencils Christy. This is such a nice image. The warm and cold colours work excellent together and the sense of depth is marvellously achieved. Although, I cannot find the hidden Tiger (which is really annoying) I still adore the painting.

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Wow! Absolutely great work!

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Wow, the atmosphere and colors here are fantastic.. I really like the depth created by both shapes and colors. A really successful piece.

Art at its best.