Sucker Fish by bliz

Sucker Fish

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Added: Oct 21, 2002
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1997-2001 - 5mm Mechanical HB Pencil. A genetic mutation or a species that has remained hidden for aeons?

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here's how to fix your shy suckers. Place a large ornement (shell or broken pot) in the corner opposite the filter. But before you place it in the tank, leave the ornement in a small container of water from the tank, long enough for a healthy crop of algea to become visible.
When placed in the tank this will prove too enticing to miss out on and they'll make epic journeys across thetank and find their confidence in the mean time.

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can you tell me why my 3 suckers are hiding all the time under and behind the filter. iv got a 20 gallon with 10 rose barbs and 3 zebras and 2 golfish ..they
come out very rarely and suck the plastic plants .and they swim off and hide as soon as anything moves in the room.. plz

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Now I wonder just how the fish thinks it's going to catch the worm?
Qieries aside I love it those scales are beautifully drawn, I love the leaves as well. It's so realistic looking, I could imagine it actually exhisting somewhere up the Amazon.

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o crap what the hell happened here, i apologise for for naming you wrong also. MY BAD :/

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this was one of the first images ive seen on epilogue.and its still one of the most intriguing,visually Laughing out loud
awesome anthony Laughing out loud

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wow, before i joined up, this was the first image i clicked on.i joined on the eleventh of last year,and i must say,its still one of my favourites, gj chris Laughing out loud

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A river full of them - I don't know, that's a lot of scales to draw =]-.

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I've never developed a fancy for sugar wood but I guess this guy likes it, huh? Smile
or maybe he's getting old and neesd glasses because thats rather a big miss regarding the distance of his mouth to the worm:)
I love this one:) you should to a complete river view ith them, maybe a few of them who have leaf like tails-gives them a better hiding outfit.


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Wonderful drawing and a well deserved Editor’s Pick! I had almost given up hope on seeing any more pencil-work that makes it to become an Editor’s Pick (they are not by close in proportion to the rest of the mediums represented here) so it was about time. Once again, a fine accomplishment Anthony and congratulations!

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I was very suprised when this was picked because I think some of my other pieces have more detail and quality than this one but I'm not complaining. It's just great being in the 'editor's pick' section!!!

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haha, very imaginative. Great pencil work too; the details and shading is amazing. Congrats on the editor's pick!

Art at its best.