The Cleric by bliz

The Cleric

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Added: Feb 17, 2003
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2002 - 2003. 5-3/4inch x 8-1/4inch. 0.3, 0.5 & 0.7mm mechanical pencil. A Religeous being of unknown religion. The basic insperation to do a religious alien piece came to me from a painting by Wayne Barlowe entitled 'An Elytracephalid'.

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bliz's picture

Cheers Alistair, Yes One of Wayne Barlow's pictures is the basic insperation for this picture. I would have mentioned it in the description but I couldn't find the title of the Barlow piece [red crustation kind of priest being] and I was rushing to get to work =]- I will edit the desc. when I find my copy of the Barlow book tonight.

jellybelly's picture

Reall good creature design, very Barlow esque. keep it up!

bliz's picture

Cheers Bill,
I like your Gollum picture =]-

bcorbett67's picture

Really good concept and use of imagination, I really like the texture on the wood too Smile

bliz's picture

There's a small chance I'd digitally colour it but it's more likely that I'd use the drawing as concept material for a larger painting.
But now that you've sown the idea into my head.....=]-

peralta's picture

Ahh what a pretty boy, are u gonna colour this pick?

bliz's picture

cheers Marley,
Glad you like the background. I've kept it ambigious on purpose though (is the cleric sat there due to free will or is it imprisoned in a crate? etc.)

bliz's picture

Thanks for the comments Chris. Yes, you've hit the nail on the head in that I do consciously go for the documentry style of drawing mainly because I get so eager to start a piece once I get an idea that I neglect to spend a lot of time working on composition issues.
In this piece I did try and get that 'photo from the third world' look but usually 'flat' composition is me rushing that stage of the drawing =]-

thrax-1's picture

love the creature Smile,and i appreciate the detail of your wall aswell Laughing out loud

christar's picture

Your renderings are always so clear, it's as if your drawingas are really just documentary, photo snapshots of other creatures and worlds. Smile

Art at its best.