bloodroses by chutap


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Added: Apr 17, 2003
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this is actually an equal mix of acrylic and watercolour, so i didn't know which medium to put it under. I used acrylic as a substitute for watercolour because im too cheap to buy new tubes Wink.
i used a rather limited palette for this picture
acrylic: crimson, cerulean blue, mars black.
watercolour: quinacidrone rose, yellow ochre, lamp black
inspired by Malice Mizer

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I love this pain and sadness...great work with delicate...


chutap's picture

thanks so much for the comment! well, i don't know exactly the dimensions of the painting, but i think its 21 cm wide...and..the height of it comes up from the floor to a bit below my hip. ]

and the stray hair i use really fine brush and black acrylic Smile hoep this helps!

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amazing work, esp. on the expression, mood and detail. I'm dying to know how you did the stray hairs on her right (our left) shoulder, they fall beautifully and give a great sense of realism, did you use a really fine brush or...? also what are the dimensions of the painting?

blackwidow's picture

She has such lovely kissable looking lips *mauh* yep. The roses in both her hands and on her dress are VERY well done. I also really like how you've highlighted her hair.

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you do the bestest lipss and eyes-taz

chutap's picture

thanks Miss Palmer!! the only reason i use acrylics is that i want to use watercolour but im way too cheap to buy new ones and besides i have acrylic which actually can substitute for it!

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Beautiful blend of wet and controlled watercolor - I have never tried mixing acrylics in but based on this stunning work I just might! The roses are luscious!

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she's juz so prettyy. her eyes, her hair and face. truly amazing. wanna have somethin like dat up on MY wall kay Smile ur works are great. and waiting for ur 4 vampires of us! ehhe.. keep it up gurl! love yah mwahzz

chutap's picture

thanks fernie! i wished Laughing out loud

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This is so cool, Kay! I did'nt know you had a gallery at Epilogue. Coolio! This piece is really good. The clothes, roses and her expression seem so real.
You rule, Kay!

adorna's picture

I really think its one of your best pics up to now - and I'd hang it on my wall any time.

chutap's picture

thank you!

chutap's picture

hihi thank you for commenting, and thanks for being one of my two 'personal' editors! i will try to be better yes i will Shock

chutap's picture

you are very talented too my dear!! im humbled

chutap's picture

thanks how i am honoured by your visit!

mcf's picture

while the twins picture is probably my favorite, this is one of your best works! Superb anatomy and detail, great facial expression, detail.. just great stuff Smile

ama's picture

-Your fan, Ama Smile

niveus's picture

I love this compostition here, just stunning, and I love the turn of her head.

chutap's picture

thank you James lol it seems like you're my comment fairy!

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thnxxx audness

bernie's picture

I love how the rose is just melting away! Colors work very well together! Nice.

somerset's picture

Brilliant! lovely dark gothic character this one, and the gown rendering is excellent, great choice of colours as usual, she has such a beautiful sensual face! wow!

aud's picture

WOw this is soo pretty especially the roses!

Art at its best.