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K. C.

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Added: May 19, 2003
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self portrait for Gallery of the Souls

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Wow. You're amazing.

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love the color palette you used... and those eyes... creepy

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thanks Bruce

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I am in total agreement with most of the comments on your portrait, The eyes,the eyes their mesmerizing. a cat like quality, I love it

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This is like kiss of sorrow...it takes my breath away... BEST WISHES from Poland. Caffeine

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thanks Smile

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That's good!

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Well,as has been said before,this is truly a beautiful piece.The face is breathtaking....

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OMGG YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.. this picture is beyond gorgeous.. wow.. the eyes are just.. mezmerizing.. really.. they do look a lot like werewolf eyes.. its creepy but at the same thing beautiful.
-tOni Wink

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"I like this picture of you and you are a beautiful girl na ja !

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*looks sheeepish*lol, i keep forgetting to leave my name!!- i am TAZ!(tahseen)

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duh!silly me!yes, i am the very same;)lol

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oh hi!! are you same as Taz?? well how am i supposed to know who you are if you don't leave your name Laughing out loud

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um, yes, well, you've heard of me i guess coz ive commented on you r othe galleries nd i am a huge!! fan of the Kay - Tahseen?

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yes, its a self portrait, no, im not joking you. and excuse me, but do i know you??(please, please leave your name somewhere on the comment so i know who commented) thanks Laughing out loud

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hey, i think the wobbly moon is ace! the girl looks very much like Kay, cool!
oh? its a self portrait? you are joking me!

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yay!!! glad Miss Bond hasn't forgotten me

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awww, you're so sweet, thank you so much!!

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Wow Kay, you've really got a lot of comments on this one - but they are all deserved. Lovely pic Smile

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I found you again! Yaay! I am so glad to see your wonderful works again. I no longer have an epilog gallery but I still come here now and then to see the works of friends. This is really fabulous!

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i didn't mean the moon to be wobbly

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I've already stated my opinion on this one, but just want to do it again. Love this image, the colors the look and the format..."self portrait for Gallery of the Souls" this info makes me think in a "Book of Souls" ... that would be interesting.

Well, keep it up! I love what u are doing...I'm always waiting for the next one...

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Well! I'm sittin here with a coupla slices of garlic bread and two pointy wooden chopsticks (can't be too carefull y'know!) anyway K this is a beaut of a portrait! very moody and charismatic! Awesome!

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i love the background and the wobbly moon as well.. very nice self potrait kay. perfect! and the eyes are really burning! i love the soft hair colours as well.. in short, love everythin in this piece!

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love the colors - and those vampire eyes of course!!
Reminds me I still wanted to do another pic of you ..
I'm lazy - I know..

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the moon looks a little chunky or wobbly but overal(o.k out of proportion then >__<),bloody nice work Smile.those eyes are the best bit!!

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The eyes kinda remind me of the werewolf lady in my sci-fi gallery. Congrats! It got in.

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This is the best thing I've seen on here in a while. Very moody. I like this alot!

Art at its best.