one hundred years of solitude by chutap

one hundred years of solitude

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 30, 2003
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watercolour, acrylic

the title is from a novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

i've been wanting to get this picture out of my head for a year now

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gutomo's picture

great job!

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even though there is that gothic feel to this one(just like all your other paintings) this one is also truely beautiful.

chutap's picture

thanks!! uhm, it seems like it's everyone's favourites. Tongue *shrug*

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Amazing, Simply Stunning. I love how the roses flow from her dress and her facial expression! good work! my favorite of yours so far!

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it reminds me of a vintage gothic doll. very nice.

artistfellow's picture

a haunting piece that part of me takes solace in. *bows*

chutap's picture

they don't say...maybe its 500 or more..

ep-arts's picture

and there it is! a great piece of art!
hey nice to see you in here too Wink
btw, im on the promotion list rank 327... is that any good? 327 out of what?

chutap's picture

its a great book

Guest's picture

That book is currently my favorite book. Great piece

cuperix's picture

i'd love her on my wall!

somerset's picture

Brilliant, Kay, great feeling of isolation, I just love those roses, you've really put your stamp on this site with your Gothic style!

isenho's picture

facial expression!"

isenho's picture

message got cut short. I was gonna say "I love the face and

isenho's picture

the lighting and texturing of the wall is most amazing. I lov

bcorbett67's picture

Great image Kay, and undoubtedly my favorite to date! the roses look wonderful!

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brilliant:D the roses are great and sorta like really solid looking an also is that her dress which is spreading out like that covered in rosestripes? cool an her expression is excelent, she looks kinda pensive or scared or just curious lol and the lightray is really effective and lightlike, when i saw the thumbnail i thought it was digital at whats the book called ;)i wanna read it lol i love the way you always do different lightings efects it looks dead good mmmmm roses!! from taz Smile

djinn's picture

Very good. Her expression is superb.

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darksarcasm8's picture

Wow.... this is just too awesome! A very striking image, indeed.... Theres just something about gothy grey girls with funky hair and a tear streaked face, with roses... Hehe... Ive got one of those in my gallery as well=) Anyway, great work on this one, Kay.... Youve been improving drastically... and its great to see! I cant wait to see your future works... theyre sure to be materpieces!

thrax-1's picture

I also believe this is one of your best pieces purely for composition and wonderfull technique.Your character looks great too accompanied by excellent textural work! Smile

pageaxe's picture

Very striking image Kay,great atmosphere and just enough creepiness!

niveus's picture

This is absolutely stunning, I think this is my favorite of yours, just awesome, what else can I say.

kingzog's picture

Definitely one of your best works to date, combining your distinctive style with a growing technical ability. The background offsets the image perfectly, whilst the central character's expression is (as always) superbly rendered. Good work!

Art at its best.