the unholy mistress by chutap

the unholy mistress

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 22, 2003
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this is a portrait of Evil Ninja Rochelle Green. She inspires me to no end with her incredible talent Smile
done in photoshop
photo reference used

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Greetings! I'm the young lady who commented about Rochelle's eyes in this pic being the same color as mine. Decided to become a member and hopefully I'll be able to get what few pieces I have up here. Mostly here for the writing since I have nowhere near the talent you have, but I think that my writing is least I like it. Just thought I would echo my first comment in the sense that !O_O! you are amazing! ^_^ Hope to see more

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This may sound really odd, but my eyes are nearly the same color as this gorgeous woman's!! I am nowhere near as attractive as she, but still! I wear my makeup the same too ^_^ I saw this picture and was !O_O! "Those are my eyes!!!" This is by far my favorite piece out of EVERYTHING!! Bravo!! ..(just think, all I have to do now is dye my hair black and get that shirt...hmmmm... ^_~ Gypsywolfgirl via aol if you want to drop me a line.)

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You've become too damn good at this painting buissness! You do realize that I'm now in a position that leaves me no other choise than to eat you and steal your powers, right? Wink

Anyhow, this is great. Everything that I haven't seen before in this gellery is great! Darnit!

I'm just hoping you haven't forsaken the internet as an outlet for your artistry. That would indeed be a shame.

/Gabriel Forsén - from ages past on Elfwood

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She's so beautiful. She kinda reminds me of Jullianne Moore. Keep it up.

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it's the eyes again.ur awesome at it

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My goodness her hair is magnificent. Amazing job on the whole thing, but especially the hair! Lovely

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i just LOVE those eyes....there like little lights searing through the soul.....intellengently creepy

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something about the eyes

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awww, thank you Pekka, you always make me blush!

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Just plain beautiful... as always when we're talking about you

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Beautifull work, I should try this working from photographs thing sometime... it seems to work...

Thankyou for YOUR inspiration.

Kaios from Deviantart.

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Phew! got here at last, at a tortoise speed as usual! oh I say, Kay! this is incredible! such a marvellous character, beautifully rendered as usual and with your trademark dark and moody colours! GREAT GREAT GREAT!

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thnx Jez. are you Jess Na?

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yes indeed Wink im honoured!!! this man? a woman, you mean? thanks J.R. Criton! and everybody. sorry i might not reply to every comments but i appreciate them all!

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Awsome work Kay , you keep moving forward!

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Now thats a true honour to have the Queen of the rats say she likes this man!!! Any ways as I said before I like this and you have really gotten good. I and like the rest I like the eyes.

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yay! thank you!

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blimmin stunning work Kay!,the light sourcing is what makes this piece i think.Those are beautifull eyes,Definitely your best piece of digital.great work~Marley

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thankus maximus rafal Tongue!

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yeah, this is really good stuff! great use of multi colored lights, and the hair looks just gotgeous Smile

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thanks Ronnie! heh, then you seem to like darker ones eh?

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thanks Kurtis!

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*hug* you're lovely, both you and your art, and that's what inspired me to paint this!

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*gig* Miss Myles! thanks so much for the comment, its an honour. yay! Laughing out loud

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The eyes really are very haunting. I can totally see Rochelle in this.. it's very beautiful. You captured a great part of her personality. The figure LOOKS dark and evil, but also has a feeling of such niceness and consideration - just like Roch.

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Darkly beautiful!

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Have I mentioned that the lighting in this pic is stunning. And like I said at da the skin tones are wonderfull. The eyes are captivating and create a wonderfull aatmosphere.

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Nice one Kay, great job on this one!

Art at its best.