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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 20, 2004
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a commissioned piece. quiet enough to pass under most people's radar.

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thejeff's picture

ahh, she saisd you might like it! i am glad, denise. she is such a sweety!

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Leslie gave me this print for my birthday and I absoutely love it...almost as much as I love her friendship!

thejeff's picture

why thank you willow, and thanks for stopping by;)

willowdanaan's picture

This is beautiful! I like it a lot.

thejeff's picture

hey steve! thanks very much for stopping by.

sferris's picture

Hello Jeff.

Exquisit work! Very nice gallery overall.

thejeff's picture

oh thank you rita! i am thinking of doing a themed series of these. this one was very fun and relaxing to paint.

rita's picture

Jeff, cant belive I missed this one. It is just beautiful!!! Like her hair Smile

thejeff's picture

thanks much wenche, as i love your art.

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thejeff's picture

thanks so much j.p.! i agree, there are so many talented folks here that i am perpetually inspired. glad you dropped by fellah.

vengince's picture

I'm surprised I did not comment on this piece, man this is classic, she is beautifully painted Jeff, its great to be in the company of so many talents here on Epi.

thejeff's picture

thanks uwe! it was my intention to see if i could get a more natural ook with this. glad you think it works!

j-art's picture

wow jeff - this has a really wonderful traditional media feeling to it - excellent work on this!!!!

thejeff's picture

if you don't want scars, come visit more often and i will put my stick down. glad you like!

thejeff's picture

thank you kari! glad you stopped by.

monsterbox's picture

Great work Jeff!

thejeff's picture

i was really enjoying some of the watercolor works posted recently, and was inspired to see if i could emulate some of those soft, sensitive qualities digitally. glad you like holger!

mangalore's picture

I esspecially love the soft colours here. You managed the pose and expression on her face amazingly. Splendid!

Guest's picture

OH my goodness Jeff. So glad you bashed me in the head for not visiting. This is wonderful. Eye candy. Such a lovely painterly look. Colors pose..perfection. Now I am off to see the rest.

thejeff's picture

hey rebecca! glad you like this. haven't gotten to the aves yet(we have a close friend staying with us at the moment who is taking up my studio space). i am lathering to get down and sticky;)

goddessart's picture

Simply beautiful, Jeff. What a beautiful sculpture this would make. Have you tried the Aves yet? Again, beautiful.

thejeff's picture

james, i am blushing man! i am tweeked by your comments.

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hi karyn. funny, that little area still draws my eye to it. thanks for stopping by. i am quite happy you like!

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thanks amy! very nice comments much appreciated.

somerset's picture

Ha! a very classy painting Jeff! her gaze is perfect as is the rest of her poise! understated but beautifully so, it takes great artistic skill to achieve this and you have, bravo!

yadykaryn's picture

Hey, Jeff. Lovely image. Especially the way you painted the transluscent fabric of her garment as it falls to the ground and that hint of warm flesh along her upper thigh/lower hip peeking through. Such nice stuff!

heatherwind's picture

I love pieces that transcend their medium - and in the end, it's the final result that matters. This is a wonderful painting, in concept and rendering. It has a very classic, almost Art Deco feel to it with the bold colors, clean lines and that wonderful bobcut hair style and curl. Definitely not a cliche fairy pic - well done!

thejeff's picture

thanks for stopping in varian. glad you like the piece.

thejeff's picture

thank you laura! i thought a softer technique was appropriate for the subject .

Art at its best.