Orb by magicwindow


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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 17, 2002
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A magically crafted orb of energy resting on the desk of it's creator.

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magicwindow's picture

Tis' mine own image that is reflected. I was standing back and admiring my handiwork.

Guest's picture

Who's the man in the chest ????

magicwindow's picture

Thank you.
I used trueSpace. I've tried 3DsMax but found the interface too complicated.

Guest's picture

Great detail here, a lot of intricacies and minutae. What software is this? 3DS? Very well done.

magicwindow's picture

Such contrivances are duecedly difficult in their construction. 'Twould be too great an effort to create another.

akeyla's picture

I love it Smile just how I imagined an alchemists table and work to look:)
uhm... can I have one of those ? it would be wonderful to have one glowing like a miniature sun in your room at night Smile regards

magicwindow's picture

I do thank thee.

magicwindow's picture

I do appreciate thine earnestness and, most humbley, thank thee .

magicwindow's picture

Sadly, such efforts are requiring of greater patience than is at my disposal. However, I shall acceed to your wishes and endeavor to produce further works of similar quality.

magicwindow's picture

'Tis a perilous venue to explore. Oft times one's experiments lend themselves to such 'stunning' results as to render one unconscious.

twstdrealty8's picture

Great rendering and lighting.

jmrart's picture

Great stuff!!! Wonderful detail work and the lighting is just perfect! I can't wait to see much much more!

mangalore's picture

Greetings, fellow 3D artist. This picture is reallly deserving a place here. I hope you put together some more stuff to come up here though I know good 3D needs unnerving much time to do!
Cheers! Wink

adorna's picture

makes you really want to do some alchemy of you own .. if the effects are always that stunning ...


Art at its best.