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Added: Jul 20, 2003
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I love angels, but I like dark fight scenes. So I did this lovely angel of death. In full battle armor. =) Enjoy.

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beutiful angel love to see people who put hard work into stuff they love

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amazing as always! The detail is astounding, it gives such depth to your art!

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I'm sorry, but I hope you don't mind me saying this... but archangels are all men. =D Yes I am a girl and I love your picture but its not how I think of an angel... but its better than I could hope to do and you really did a good job with it ^_^

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Really quite well done!

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haha--whoops, I clicked on the wrong one (just pretend this is on the Queen of Swords one)

I shouldn't comment and watch tv at the same time. *blush*

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yay! this turned out great--I'm glad you got it in. X3

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Those are some crazy wings on that helmet. Very cool design!

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that pencil was put to full affect. your perspective is true and crisp. it makes me want to give up the computer and try some pencil work as well.
makes me curious as to what inspired your pic......good work

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Gosh I thought I had commented on this...must have been one of those times when the message thingy ate my words. I really love how you did the contrast on this. It pops out at you. You are learning a lot and doing so well.

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I love this. The wings are most excellent. The armour is very cool too. That mask in the background, however, is what I am most drawn to in this picture.

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Hey there Eb. I love pencil work, and this is impressively well done. Keep it up!

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impressive detail, i especially love her eyes and all the places that shine

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Your a wonderful artist yourself I'm glade you like me artwork.^^

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Thanks for stopping by and leaving such wonderful comments.^^ btw I love your artwork. ^^

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Thanks for you kind comment you have great artwork as well. =)

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Thanks alot I'm glade you like me artwork. This took me about a week to finish. I've been by your gallery and let me say you have some lovely artwork as well.^^

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Kimberly Platt Epilogue Artist...certainly does have a ring to it, don't it! I knew you would do it, and with such lovely style too! AWESOME!

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that is really good work.excellent character design for sure,and with all thats going on in the background,it seems to compliment your character very nicely without too much of a distraction to the eye.nicely done.congratz bye!!

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You have not seen me, but i was here ! *waves*

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Great and unique character design!
- Keep it up!

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Great work!!! You should be very proud - a great character and great technique :] Hope to see more of yours soon :]

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hey congrats! She looks pretty good:)

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Hey Ebony - this kicks major butt!!! Great job, girl!!!

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Wow, what a great image!! Congratulations, you deserve to be proud of this!!

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congrats! i love this, she looks so regal. the shading is very well done, i can't wait to see more!

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