Yvonne, Elven Ranger by dark-sidhe

Yvonne, Elven Ranger

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 12, 2002
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Artwork Description

Yvonne is an elven ranger with a decidedly independent streak.

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dark-sidhe's picture

Mucha was definitely my main inspiration for this piece -- he is the king of flower clusters. I find that choosing a few visual themes is important -- with Yvonne it was circles, small double belts (with buckles, natch) and the concentric circle medallion shape repeated in her clothing. Thanks so much for asking!

dark-sidhe's picture

Thanks so much for leaving a comment, sir! I visited your gallery on and off Epilogue and your linework is truly gorgeous. An inspiration!

mangalore's picture

Hey, great style. Can you tell me how you concept such ornaments in the background? I always wondered and need to get more into that direction for some elven stuff I work on...

alrio's picture

I like this one a lot. That detailed background truly makes the piece.

dark-sidhe's picture

Thanks, mate! I'm trying to do more Art Nouveau window portraits; I'm running into a brick wall on the current one but hopefully I'll figure it out soon. Smile

dark-sidhe's picture

Gosh, I wish I could pull off leather straps and buckles that well! Thanks Smile

dark-sidhe's picture

Wow, alice, that's a huge compliment. Artemis/Diana is one of my favourite goddesses, and I definitely had her in mind when it came to Yvonne's character. In her KiSS doll form, she's posed drawing back on a bow.

Guest's picture

Wow, you've done a really gerat job here - so clean and precise. The composition as a whole is great and obviously a lot of care has gone into this. Keep up the great work!

melora's picture

the classical profile of this is very nice (could almost be diana the goddess) its a pretty cool new take on an elf. Great design in the background too, almost like a stained glass window

weyakin's picture

Hehe..she looks like you!

dark-sidhe's picture

Wow, I didn't notice that until now. You have great eyes! I'll make sure to take care of that before colouring her.

megaflow's picture

Very nice line style. I'm fond of how you've handled overlaps. I do think you need to work a bit on your digital cleanup, though Smile (the sword has a break in it, and there's a smudge on the bottom of the right leg). Otherwise a fine start to your gallery!

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