Seahorse by dark-sidhe


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Added: Dec 18, 2002
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An ink 'seahorse' done in a "da Vinci notebook" annotated style, on burned poster paper. An underwater flight of whimsy.

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portalrun's picture

The real deal ,very authentic looking document and the subject is equally convincing, great job Gwynn....

elven-nell's picture

I'm really digging this piece, Gwynn! Great technique and idea, truly superb! Smile

dark-sidhe's picture

I highly recommend (carefully!) burning works -- cathartic perhaps? Getting the sucker back for putting cramps in the hand?

dark-sidhe's picture

Coming from you, that makes me want to fire up the stove and burn all my works! ;D

dark-sidhe's picture

Thanks mate! Really appreciate it.

griffingirl's picture

Tre' cool! I love the burnt edges....nice work....

mrluisdiaz's picture

My favorite of your images. Really beautifully aged perfection.

Guest's picture

as I've mentioned to you on another site quite recently, I really love your work. The details of this creature's body's textures are fabulous. I also love the cheekbones. This is really great. Unique.

dark-sidhe's picture

I'm guessing something to do with heresy. It's always heresy.

dark-sidhe's picture

Variety is the spice of life! Laughing out loud

star-rat's picture

Love that old world codex feel. I want to know the story behind it being burned at the edges!

thrax-1's picture

the detail on that sea horse is superb.I admire your skill in cross hatching.

azayaka's picture

this is just great! the whole attitude of it is so... complete... if you know what i mean:)concept taken to the ultimate level. very very cool.

Guest's picture

This has the feeling of an ancient naturalist documenting his or her fantastic discovery as carefully as possible. And it's just lovely, too! You work in a remarkable variety of artistic styles. I'm impressed!

dark-sidhe's picture

Thank you Vera! I always preferred scorching to tea-soaking. Must be the pyromaniac in me.

dark-sidhe's picture

You're my kind of people, Anna!

hauntess's picture

That's a veyr original and interesting way of presenting. A lovely peice of art! What struck me as funny, is that I immediately found myself remeniscing on how me and my friend used to draw treasure maps, and burn the edges,wrinkle, water stain them, making them look worn and anchient. Ahh, brought some good memories.Smile

vera-lucia's picture

I just lone this work! The aged tone looks very realistic to me.

iris's picture

very interesting looks like a page from an ancient encyclopedia on mythology or something..... great work.

Art at its best.