To Tame a Unicorn by dark-sidhe

To Tame a Unicorn

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Added: Dec 20, 2002
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Another Kay Neilsen inspired image; this time a maiden attempts to win the trust of a timid unicorn by his pool ("never mind the golden bridle dear, it's merely decorative"). I usually prefer warhorse unicorns, but I felt this style called for delicacy.

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varian's picture

Such a delicate style and coloring. I really love the vegatation, the tree, the cattails. The shaping of the unicorn and the rocks is very cool too. Well, all of it is really. Just well done!

Guest's picture

The style is different than normal, the colors are beautiful, and it seems very exotic.

feralchicken's picture

This is such a beautiful piece, and very inspirational too. I adore the hair and the tree.

portalrun's picture

Excellent fantasy illustration Gwynn, I noticed you have so many different styles in your gallery, your like a Chameleon, but we know from your last post you are a snail;)

thrax-1's picture

you have a diverse taste in art,this my personall favourite of yours,i visit this still every so often,and it hasn't lost its charm from when i first saw it,yup i like it alot!!.

christar's picture

This is a beautiful style you have here, very unique, it reminds me of an illuminated manuscript from the renaissance. Excellent job of pulling it off. However, I don't think that horse could support my weight though, not with my diet of gummi bears, pizza, and ginger ale. Just thought you should know that. As a matter of fact, we wouldn't have to go to Iraq for oil if you could convert my love handles into petroleum. Just thought you should know that. Sincerely, Chris Shepard. ^____^

Guest's picture

Excellent! I love you're infushion of Neilsen and your very unique style. Very beautiful!

dark-sidhe's picture

I definitely still have a lot to learn from the guy, but I hope to be doing more than just regurgitating. Thanks so much!

dark-sidhe's picture

It was a pleasure!

soni's picture

As soon as I saw this glorious thing I was groping around in my terrible memory to see who it reminded me of, and of course, as you said: Kay Nielsen. And it is, and yet it is fresh, it takes the idea to a new place. The colours are divine and the whole mood is just beautiful. Wow! I love it!

elven-nell's picture

What a beautiful ans unusual picture! I really love the style you used here, inique! By the way, thanks for dropping by my gallery! Smile

dark-sidhe's picture

I always try to be open to new techniques, but I admit lines are like old friends, to me. I adore lines, and even if, one day, I become adept at 3D painting, lines will always be my cuddly first love.

dark-sidhe's picture

*blush* I wonder how many artists on Epilogue share that dream... what a wonderful thing to say!

weyakin's picture

This is such a neat style! It sort of resembles Asian scroll art, but more illustrative and modern. I like the way you made everything look so reflective.

veinglory's picture

I am absolutely blown away by this one --

thrax-1's picture

Incredible style,its very beautifull.the rendering for the rocks,rock!!!

avel's picture

The stones in the background are extremely well done and I like the Beardsley-like drapery of her dress. You should illustrate a fairytale book.

dark-sidhe's picture

This image is pencil & ink, coloured digitally, but that's an excellent suggestion. I've worked with Photoshop for so long that I hadn't considered Illustrator. I'm out of practice with it; I'll have to find some good tutorials and brush up!

aridante's picture

Mmm I love Kay Neilsen as well--fabulous designer and such exquisite line art! This piece has a lot of charm and magic, very definitive of Neilsen's character. Have you ever considered trying (adobe) Illustrator as well? You could probably get some killer lineweights as well as some fabulous vector patterns. Beautiful piece!

Art at its best.