Drow Assassin by dark-sidhe

Drow Assassin

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 26, 2003
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Artwork Description

After soundlessly dispatching her victim, the drow assassin crouches over him, her hair soaking up his blood as she selects a body part with which to affirm her kill.

In these "picture-window" series of images I'm seeking to create illustrations that could be dropped on white magazine pages, surrounded by text, while still retaining depth and background interest.

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Guest's picture

Oh this is great....I am so surprised I missed it...Ah...I see you posted it on my birthday...um I was busy.
I love the colors...So rich and the attitude is pure Drow...I like a lot.

goldseven's picture

Hey, I've seen her on Elfwod too! Very sexy--yes, she'd probably go well with my drow assassin. Although he's in love with a half-drow. Smile

lisaferreira's picture

I remember this one from Elfwood! Really gorgeous coloring. Especially the glossy look to her boots, they could be leather or vinyl, but it looks great. And her skin tone's wonderful, too. KUTGW!

dark-sidhe's picture

Thanks so much! I have learned so much from the other artists here, and this is hopefully the start of an evolution for me. I've been in the same place far too long. Laughing out loud

dark-sidhe's picture

I love the Drow. They're so freaking nasty (at least in the Forgotten Realms, they are). I remember asking my husband, "is the blood spattering too much?" and he raised his eyebrow and said, "come on. It's a drow. It's never too much."

alrio's picture

Nice coloring job on the Drow.
This is quite good.

maim's picture

Damn!! This is awesome!! From one Drow artist to another, great work! I need to put more of my Drow pics from my site to Epilogue!!

dark-sidhe's picture

Thanks mate -- I always imagine Drow as wanting to get really up close and personal when they kill... thus, a weapon worn right on the hand.

dark-sidhe's picture

You know, I never used to use photorefs, and really, it's amazing what using references will do... especially SEXY references.

dark-sidhe's picture

Hee, thanks, May-Lin. I've been trying very hard to think more about lighting and reflective skin tones, and I'm really happy to learn just how much bright red the eye will accept without question! O_O

Guest's picture

oooh, wow! This one really did come out awesome...and not to mention SEXY! Great posture, keep 'em coming!

Guest's picture

Nicely done Smile Nice shading and I like blood-tipped hair. Keep up the good work!

portalrun's picture

Great job Gwynn ,also saw this in WIP ,very nice finish and character, clawed hand also is a nice touch...

bcorbett67's picture

Great image, I saw this in the 'work in progress thread', you've done an excellent job.

pakage's picture

Wow! I saw this my WIP thread on the forum. It looks great colored! I think the window/portal/frame behind the figure really adds a lot to the composition. Cool "claws" too!

somerset's picture

Brilliant image! I love the design of this illustration, the composition of the figure is great and the colours are excellent, nice one Gwynn!

djinn's picture

Followed your link from the work in progress forum. This has turned out quite lovely, if that can be said of a bloodied drow assasin Smile. The cavern works really well and the blue-red combination is stunning.

Art at its best.