"The Letter" by pat-ann

"The Letter"

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 28, 2002
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The minstral finally gets an invitation to perform however, feels way too nervous to open it! Do you ever get that feel?

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Beautiful. Really... wonderful.

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Beautiful work and adorable theme! I love the expressions!

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It gives a smile to me. Nice picture and it's like a lovely fairy tale.

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I have a hard time acknowledging time. I get too wrapped into artwork & then: boom! The deadline all of a sudden is looming upon me.
The animation director John VanBruggen once told me that my story boards look beautiful from scene #1 to about scene #20 but after that, the remaining 50 odd scenes looked like I was scambling to get the board done! I have a ton of personal work that I lost time on because of client work.
Time is something I need to work on! Wink
As for how I execute my work. That's easy! I just look for a neat piece of paper & start drawing. When the drawing looks ready, I either start painting or colouring it in with prisma-colour. I very rarely use roughs or thumbs. However, Larry & I do doodling warm-ups in morning. That seems to keep our line-work nice & loose. ~P~

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Oh man you've got loads of talent.... this is very beautiful, have to ask you this... how much time does a picture like this take you, it looks like you've done this with so much ease.... not in a negative way but you have this ability to let it seem very natural but if I try to do draw like this I end up with my arm in a cast or something. It is very beautiful and full of laughter.... it is a very good combination.

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very charming

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awww ssso beautiful!
I can't even describe how I like it, that's as expressive as it was disneyish but it is different and original, I want to hug it!

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awwww, heh heh heh, por lil guy! I know the feeling ;D This is soooo charming....

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Patricia, I love your work. The style is perfect!

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Hey, hey, this is...this is so good I want to EAT it! I love the expressions, especially on the horse and the minstrel...and those flappy-crazy wings! Rock on!

Art at its best.