My Thoughts are Winged with Hopes by wolfvayne

My Thoughts are Winged with Hopes

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 08, 2003
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I was sitting in my doctors waiting room the other day, and heard the DJ saying that the name of previous song was 'My Thoughts are Winged with Hopes'. Out came my sketchy-book....and voila :]

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kuk's picture

nice style

wolfvayne's picture

Hey, I didn't even notice the heart shape!!! *blind* Glad you like!!

huggies's picture

This image reminds me of a tree I drive past in the moring.
When you get to a certain point in the road the branches of the tree twist and you can see a love heart.
And your picture reminds me of that. YAY! It's so pretty.

wolfvayne's picture

Thankee :] The red ain't so bad I guess o_O

Guest's picture

I like the red bordering. It frames the image nicely. Love the way your sketches 'flow'.

wolfvayne's picture

Thank you very much - you make some good suggestions :] I wish I could put them into practice, but to be honest I could not ever touch a picture after I have deemed it 'finished'. Very appreciated though.

Guest's picture

i read that you found the leaves too overpowering ... i think if you brought some red down into the lower part of the piece it would flow much better

other than that the only thing that bugs me is your use of yellow and pink. it clashes with the vibrant red.

but in all seriousness ... i really adore this picture ^^ good work

wolfvayne's picture

Thank you :] but I think a girl called Emily has an Eds' Pick and she's younger than me ;]

chutap's picture

i guess you're the youngest artist ever to receive an ed's pick. congrats! oh btw, its stephanie *pui-mun* law!

wolfvayne's picture

That's strange - a few people have said this, and I honestly cannot see a resemblance in mine to her pieces o_O Maybe that's because I'm looking at it with artist-eyes ;]

Guest's picture

i was peeking around and you've got some beautiful pieces. your style kinda reminds me of stephanie pun law's.

wolfvayne's picture

Yeah, I couldn't believe it when I saw 'editor's pick' next to the piece!!

wolfvayne's picture

Ugh - I HATE the leaves!! They're much too over-powering. Thanks anyway though!!

thrax-1's picture

That is stunning!.amazing detail and composition.very delicately handled!well done on editors pic aswell Smile

Guest's picture

I like the 'softness' in your pictures!
The foliage is so beautiful, her long dress too, and the color very nice!Manon:-)

Art at its best.