China Pink (?) by vovo2000

China Pink (?)

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Added: May 21, 2003
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IIt`s hard to me to name a name for my paintings.......(that is true)

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How did you make her Hair look so real? It is very beautiful.. I just want to know how you did her hair so well! -dinky_03 @

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How did you make her Hair look so real? It is very beautiful.. I just want to know how you did her hair so well! -dinky_03 @

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woah stands with mouth open

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I just love the colours of ur pics.. And this one is so gorgeos.. and the lips and eyes..

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This girl looks a bit older than the other ones I've seen in your gallery. Even so, she's still gorgeous. I think the title for this is fine. This drawing does have many different shades of pinks. Smile

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I congratulate you for your great work; you are a very talented artist. I like the way you mix techniques. I am also an artist, and I would like to get in touch with you to talk about ideas and styles.

I have a few Taiwanese friends (Christian and Erick, Christian in Taiwanese is like Che Hong) I spoke to them about a Taiwanese artist on an internet site and they would love to see your work as well.

I also wanted to let you know not to pay attention to any envious comments (Epilogue Guest). Once again, congratulations and good luck.

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No, I was wrong, THIS one is my new favorite!! Your work is just beautiful Vovo - amazing!

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your watercolour and digital works look all the same!! how can you manage to?

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::claps hands::

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Hello, I live in Taiwan.
My main job is working for a software company as a Web/GUI Designer.
Also, I work for publishers in Taiwan as a Fiction/Novel Illustrator.

Besides designing Web/GUI, my work for publishers is to *create* beatiful girls.
( I call them "Dear Daughters" ^_^ )

Sometimes it's just making me feel boring to create them...
But it's pretty happy to see my dear daugters being published on novles' covers/posters.

Anyway, I will try my best to love my daughters and make more and more good artwork.

Thank you all.

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Again the same girl. Very ordinary i like just this colors.

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Her eyes are just amazing. Again, incredible work!

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The eyes you draw are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen .. and I'm really picky when it comes to that.

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I second...or is that third....the comments. Amazing what some people can do with a simple image...gorgous and soft!

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And ONLY with Phothoshop 5.5... I can't believe my eyes. I'm your fan, master.

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You are are a Master! may I say BRAVO!!!

Art at its best.