Snow White in Chinese Version :P by vovo2000

Snow White in Chinese Version :P

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Added: May 21, 2003
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ITS SO NICE I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY!!!!wait....its not nice its FANTASTIC!tee hee hee =)

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Watercolor? Brilliant done!

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This is the Single Most Beautiful!!! depiction of feminine beauty I have ever seen, in any art medium.
(Or even in real life, for that matter.)
My heavenly dream girl, painted...

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This picture is brilliant! she is very pretty and her skin looks very smooth Its lovely

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This is truely an amazing piece! Your other paintings are wonderful, but this one tops them all! It's amazing the technique you can acheieve with watercolor.

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WOW!!!! Your work is Amazing. Such beautiful work, and also inspires me to draw more. Hopefully one day i'll be just as good. To me, this picture is calm, and soothing to the eye. Sets your mood to a lighter note. Thanks for sharing... <3 <3 <3

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Breathtaking. I cant believe something so beautiful can be created by a human hand. Your art is my favourite.

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Excellent! Perfect! Wonderful! Amazing!
Fantastic! Lovely! Bravo! Cool!

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You paint with such talent.....I'm blown away.By all of your artwork.In all honesty, I can't believe that's water color.What brand is it?I've got several sketches that I want to use watercolor for...but everything is just wrong.But back to your artwork.All of your ladies have such grace....they seem almost lifelike.You're a very talented person, and I can tell you never settle for just alright.Keep up the amazing work.

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Wow, she is gorgeous...absolutely breath taking, please keep up the great work.

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I cant decide which i like the best... Wink

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OH MY GOLLYNESS!!! PURE PRETTINESS!!! *falls over and worships the prettyful picture*

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The most beautiful pic i've seen.. perfect

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Wow she's gorgeous. Now, just a question. LOL. What do the seven dwarfs look like? Tongue

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I've never seen your work before...until I stumbled on it here in Epilogue. This image blows me away. Very soft and gentle but with a stunning clarity too. Great work.

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My god! She's so beautiful that i may just turn into a lesbian right now! j/k. You are amazing. I'm so jealous. all your work is unbeleivable.

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Your eyes see something that is beyond most. There is such grace in your art work it is really unbelievable. You captivate so much emotion, I can hardly begin to offer good praise. Simply wonderful.

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Your images capture such soft yet tangible light, I am amazed...

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she's so beautiful,and you're a talented artist

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Cant belive it is watercolor ! Wow, Rita

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Holy... So gentle and clean!

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I'm running out of ways to praise, but this is lovely. Keep it up....please.

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can I get her phone number Cool. Very nice picture

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This is beautiful! Grea
t work.

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This is really watercolor? Wow - she looks so smooth and perfect, just wow.

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Vovo, you are so good! I love everything about your work. Can't wait to see the next piece.

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wow, I really love the hair....great control of the medium!

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Oh, Vovo! She is so lovely, your artwork is so inspirational, very, very well done!

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Perfect as well. Bravo.

Art at its best.