The Pied Piper by somerset

The Pied Piper

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Added: Feb 10, 2004
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Oh, boy! My first attempt with acrylic paint on canvas.....please be gentle with me! lol!

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somerset's picture

Thank you, dear Guest, yeah, I have to admit that if it wasn't for the fun part of illustrating and artwork I'd probably wouldn't do it! but it's the reactions of people like yourself that keeps me at it, thank you once again!

Guest's picture

You have very creative ideas. Your art is fun and inspiring. Good work!

somerset's picture

Thank you Abigail! would you believe the model for the piper behaves exactly like this

abigailryder's picture

I LOVE the expression!

somerset's picture

Yeah this guy was kinda mean to the Town, I'm glad that came across, thank you, Uwe, my friend!

j-art's picture

wow - the master of colored pencil is going acrylic - this piece is very good - i just love his expression, kinda mean Smile - made me smile, i love when pictures do that to me Smile.......

somerset's picture

Thanks for being so kind, Kay! I'm working on another at this moment, hopefully it will be an improvement..I tell ya it wasn't as easy as I first thought it would be, it has certainly raised my respect for you (as if that wasn't high enough already!) and all those other great paintbrush wielders!

Guest's picture

This is great James. I love the perspective. Even the legs work for me..It is a rats eye view....aye? That rat peeking at us at the bottom is priceless. Acrylics are great and you don't look like you will have much trouble with them at all if this is just your first attempt. I mean that is astounding. Man you should have seen my first attempt...well you won' is hanging in the garbage dump somewhere...or under a landfill.
This is adorable James. I love it.

somerset's picture

I'm just feeling my way with the acrylics at the moment, Jessica, my next attempt should be an improvement (crossing fingers) I think I got a bit lazy with the legs, my mind was jumping onto other ideas by then, I'm kinda fickle that way! a tad more discipline is what I need, I say! lol! it is a marvellous medium, and I'm having a whale of a time with it, thank you for the great support!

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(cut off by epi's comment bug) I was saying, less moody and more like a children's book. The rats are adorable and the skyline could be a Dutch master's. . . but his legs are a tad disturbing, aren't they? (Was he not scary enough from the waist up?) Wink Do more James!

Guest's picture

ooh, how exciting. i'm on a slow modem so as this loaded bit by bit onto my screen I thought, wait. . . that's not pencil!!! It doesn't have the same tactile realism as your pencil pieces, true, but it works in a different way - le

somerset's picture

Thanks for the kind words, Share, I'm glad you liked the rats, heh heh!

lynx's picture

I haven't worked with acrylics for ages myself- but I think this piece is wonderful! The rats are so cute, especially the one with his face in front. Smile

somerset's picture

I will, Rita! trying something new is always a bit daunting, but I'm having a real hoot with it! thank you so much!

somerset's picture

Ha, the guy that posed for this one is a real joker, and it shows! thanks, Karyn, for the lovely response!

somerset's picture

I had a go at oil paints a few years ago, but kinda drifted away, probably because of the subject matter (portraits, cats & dogs etc.) so I never got a chance to fully develop in the paints department, but now that I'm doing the thing that I love (fantasy) I'm determined to give it my best shot.. I know I'll get there with mates like you on my side, Sean! thank you so much!

pageaxe's picture

Thats great James,you'll catch on to this very quickly I'm sure.Plus there's not near as many hand cramps with paints-heheh!

rita's picture

James, it is diffrent from your other work. But I know, soon, it will have the same level Smile His expression is so cool. Keep on!

yadykaryn's picture

I love the delicate little flute and the dainty curve of his big fingers. Such great character in his expression. I also like how you painted the swarm--nice and loose/chaotic.

somerset's picture

Yes, Marley, I see what you mean! possibly a bit of laziness on my part, and a touch of haste, sometimes I forget to sit back and give myself the chance to study my progress...I'll learn! thanks for the kind words, my friend!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Jenny! very encouraging comments, I am determined to improve with this medium, and I will, once I get my head around this painting with a brush and wet stuff lark! lol! it's a great challenge...and it's fun!

thrax-1's picture

well its a very nice attempt james.I really only have a problem with with the tonality of his legs which look a little flat and possibly small.but the rest of the image is really nice work looks very lively.and i like the rats face up close to the screen Wink.Thats a nice touch.very nicely done james!!

goldseven's picture

I love the sky, and the houses! The texture is excellent on them, like on some paintings in living-rooms I've seen. Wink The piper's proprtions are veeeery odd though, Wink But he looks really funny--almost too funny, considering what he did! Wink Great job on his face--I love it, it's alive!

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