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Added: Feb 24, 2004
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I believe, that children are the future
Teach them well, and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride, to make it easier
Let the children's laughter
Remind us how we used to be

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somerset's picture

I too will be checking out your work, Sir! I have only viewed a couple of snippets o your artwork compliments of my sister Cathie, and what I saw impressed and delighted me! you are a real gentleman and talent, Marc, thank you!

Guest's picture

Wonderful Talent you have Sir! I think your work is top shelf! Wonderful illustration ability! I truly hopr that people appreciate the time involved in pencil rendering. Yours is superb. I am currently involved in working on a show but I will be checking out more of your work.

somerset's picture

Hi Dear Guest, you couldn't find a better art community anywhere! I think you would love it here, it's one of those places that shows the world not how it was but how it should have been... but then again who's to say it wasn't? can't wait to see your first works of Art here! give me a name next time you visit and thank you so much for your lovely comment!

Guest's picture

Wow this is very good. I love her eyes and her smile is very good. I am 13 and I'm taking art classes. I hope to have a drawing here someday.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Jessica! you are one of my most favourite and inspirational Artists!

Guest's picture

Oh my GOSH, how did I miss this one James? She is so adorable it's excruciating! Once again, your talent blows me away.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Tahseen! I loved your Gallery!

taz's picture

i love her eyes, they look so realistic

somerset's picture

Thank you, James, it's great to see you back in the saddle again! a link to your site! I am gobsmacked my friend! thank you!

naddy's picture

James, it's been a while since I last viewed your beautiful works. Your images have so much emotion and a sensitivity that that pulls the viewer into the piece. This portrait is absolutely breathtaking and captures the emotions and innocence of childhood. You are certainly one of my favorite artists here and you're truly a wonderful individual to boot! Thank you for the inspiration. I saw that you have a new site, I'll be sure to add a link to it when I get a chance.

somerset's picture

Thank you Jenny! I'm kinda glad how this one turned out, your reaction has made my day!

somerset's picture

Well hello, Kay! thanks for the nice comments, would ya believe I'm having a go at acrylics now!.....now if I can just get the brush to act like a pencil!lol!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Uwe! man, your comments always give me such a boost!

chutap's picture

she looks so realistic! look at the details on her hair! i would have been fooled to think that it was a photograph if it wasn't for the obvious pencil strokes and paper texture!

goldseven's picture

Oh, this is so sweet! It's refreshing to always see real people in your images,not photorealistic top models or sex bombs or gritty barbarians, but people whose characters just jump from the screen. The handling of media is just awesome. And you're wonderful at depicting children!

j-art's picture

you did what no photo can do - you draw her soul - what a fabulous portrait - so soft - so touching - so unbelivable - james my hats up to you!!!!!!!

somerset's picture

Wow, thanks,Kay! At this moment I'm working with acrylic paint, and I would love to be able to create what probably comes quite naturally to you, it hasn't been easy so far (in fact it's turning into a hard slog!) but if I could achieve a quarter of the skill that you have then I'd be over the moon!

Guest's picture

This is just excellent. Completely perfect James. I don't know who the artist was but years ago there was an artist who did the Breck Girls. I don't know if you saw them in magazines. But I always wanted to do that delicate soft wonderful look with pencil and never achieved it. This is that exact look. Marvelous.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Rita! the eyes have it, as they say!

somerset's picture

Oh boy! what a lovely comment, Nell, Thank you!

rita's picture

James, YEAH, it is sooo wonderfully. Thanks. Her eyes are just incredible...

elven-nell's picture

Wow! What a beautiful piece, James! It just glows! I find it mind-blowing the effects you achieve with coloured pencils. The way you have done the highlights on her skin is just amazing. And you've really given her soul the way you have done her eyes- so luminous. This is pure magic!!!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Sean! yeah, warmth was the biggest impression I wanted for this one, pal!

somerset's picture

I'm glad you liked her eyes, Amy, I wanted them to make an impression!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Patrick! the flowers are a kinda hybrid pansy.....or something! lol!

somerset's picture

Thanks, Bill, I took a break from the acrylics (they are driving me nuts!lol!) to do this pencil!

somerset's picture

Thank you, dear guest, you are so kind

pageaxe's picture

What a wonderful glow and warmth about this.You always handle portraits well James,but I think this one has a very special feel and atmosphere to it.Very well done my friend!

hunterhayley's picture

She is so darling James. The eyes are so captivating. The colors you chose for the skin tones are wonderful as well. Brilliant work James.

megaflow's picture

I love your use of highlights, James. Very nice flowers, too!

Art at its best.