The Broken Sword by somerset

The Broken Sword

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Added: Mar 18, 2004
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This is Deon, a character from the forthcoming book "THE BROKEN SWORD" by Epilogue Artist Emily Veinglory

Check for its release in April at

Emily was also the model for this one!

Here's a word from Emily
"When I asked James to draw my portrait (based on a description from my recently finished fantasy book) my motivations were little more than curiosity. Within a few weeks the book had been picked up by the e-publisher Torquere Press, and James' art was destined to become the cover image. It was one of those rare occassionas in life where everything comes out for the best, especially this gorgeous picture!"

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somerset's picture

Thank you so much, Lexa, I'd love to do another collaboration with Emily, she is such an amazing writer and artist.

Guest's picture

A very seductive look, do more! Good luck to you James and Emily for hopefully another stylish project together in future. From: Lexa

somerset's picture

Thank you so much, Daniah, You can stroll past here anytime!

Guest's picture

I saw Emily's announcement about her book and was intrigued to check it out.

I love the portrait and can see why it was chosen. Great artistic vision you have James. Good luck.

Daniah Lababidi

somerset's picture

Thank you, Marley! I was really over the moon when Emily asked me to do this, I think your acheivements will cast a long shadow my friend!

thrax-1's picture

yea that is a stunner james,your portraits seem to capture more than photos can at the best of times,i enjoy your work muchly,great work,i hope someone asks me to do a cover too,it would certainly be a nice challenge.Cya~Marley

somerset's picture

Thanks Patrick, your "Servant of the Moon" has me quite inspired, I'd love to attempt something along the same lines, and if it workes out half as good I'd be delighted!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Uwe! yeah, I'm really looking forward to reading Emily's book too!

megaflow's picture

Outstanding, James! I like the "dual portrait" motif - very accomplished.

j-art's picture

outstanding really outstanding immage - wonderful coverart!!! - now i am really nosy - as soon as the book comes out i have to buy it..... congrats to you two...

somerset's picture

Thank you so very much, Kay! especially for those lovely words in the Forum!

Guest's picture

Oh Wowser! Brilliant work James....and congrats to Emily. How exciting and if folks are still judging a book by its cover and buying...HOT DOGGEY! Winner Winner!

somerset's picture

Thank you Kajsa! I also admire your work very much!

flingling's picture

Oh, this is great! Your work with the skin tones are truly magnificent! Beautiful and life like.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Rita! and you always make my day!

rita's picture

James, great as always!

somerset's picture

Thanks, Bill! great to hear from you!

bcorbett67's picture

Lovely work as always James Smile well done my friend!

somerset's picture

I know I'm going to love the book, Emily! I have to say this was a real pleasure to do, even more so knowing you like the result, thank you very much!

veinglory's picture

A brilliant piece of cover art. I just hope you like the book even half as much as I like the cover!

somerset's picture

Thanks Jessica! I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your beautifuly vibrant work!

mtmama's picture

James - great work! I especially love the texture work on the skin. Very believable.

somerset's picture

Thank you Karyn! sorry I haven't visited your gallery for a while...I'll go and do that right now!

somerset's picture

Thank you Tiffany! always a pleasure to hear from a favourite Artist of mine!

somerset's picture

Thanks Amy! I think your work is incredible especially "Full Bloom"

somerset's picture

Thanks Stan! from an amazing talent such as yourself this is indeed praise!

yadykaryn's picture

BEAUTIFUL color in the skin tones. Like this one a lot.

smbcabjnp's picture

This is great James! I love his sly smirk. The colors are great too. The red really does add something!

hunterhayley's picture

Wow James. Very nice, as usual. I bet that shirt drove ya mad. Cant wait to see the next drawing.

swisnie's picture

James, as always, excellent draftsmanship. Very nice job, especially on the stuble in the beard.
The red curtain was a nice touch to separate the faces.

Art at its best.