The Last Sphinx by somerset

The Last Sphinx

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Added: Mar 30, 2004
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(For My Mother)

Before the sun splashed orange
against an obsidian sky creating purple,
Before the moon and stars were placed
upon the night to give it beauty
You loved me.
The oceans had not yet begun their watery chorus
The earth was barren and without purpose
when you first cared for me.
Before god was born
Before he sent his people northward
to build great pyramids and temples,
You were my god and my temple.
You were my savior before horus or jesus,
Before moses led his people to the promised land,
You were the land that gave to me the promise of life.
Before men made flags and assembled armies to defend their empires,
my empire was you, my anthem was:
my mother's womb, i am of thee
sweet place of security, of thee i sing.
Before words like life, beauty, and love had meaning,
you gave them to me, like gifts from a queen.
Before i knew what love was, i gave it to you in return.
Before time carved mountains out of the pit of the earth and turned glaciers
into seas and seas into deserts, You shared with me a timeless, infinite love.
Long after the sun is a burnt out symbol of a past life and the oceans are a
sip of water in the universe, i will still love you.
Warm yourself my mother, with these thoughts
when it gets too cold outside.

Kenneth Carroll 1985

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somerset's picture

Thank you so much, Anna, I'm glad you like.

Guest's picture

Great idea, and beautifully executed.

somerset's picture

Man, that is such a gracious compliment, Marc! I hope you and your family have a most wonderful new year!

Guest's picture

Its quite clear That this artist has wonderful Talent! The image of his sister is beautiful and full of life!
Its wonderful to see the works of this talented family is viewed. Wonderful work Jamie. A fan M.Doutherd(Artist)

somerset's picture

Thank You, Jade! yes, You've hit the nail on the head about this one with your lovely comment!

goblinfiesta's picture

Beautiful painting!! To me, it seems like the mother or guardian is making sure that the last of her kind is safe from all harm. A very heartwarming and touching scene--I just love everything about it! Thanks for sharing your wonderful art!

somerset's picture

Nope! I can't forgive you for that well, ok! thank you for dropping by! this is a real treat!

regan's picture

Hey James,
I missed this one earlier, I guess, but your sphinx piece is wonderful! I love 'naked' trees, and these are amazing. The faces and the touch of fur on the paw is well done.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Vicki! yeah, I must keep at the acrylics, I've been letting that medium slip lately!

bernie's picture

Wow-how did I miss all these new posts of yours? You work in Acrylic also! Your work is so inspiring!Beautiful poem also!

somerset's picture

Thank you for the lovely words, Rie! this is exactly the impression I wanted to give, I'm so glad you like it!

rie's picture

this piece really touched me. the beautiful poem even bringes me to tears. it was so sweet, and emotional.

The painting is gorgeous. all the beautiful details and texture of the trees are wonderful. this forest have so much atmosphere, and a mysterious feel.
I love the expression of the mom, she is beautiful. and not to talk about the child.
outstanding work!

somerset's picture

Aye, Jessica! I'm kinda in transmittion at the moment, but I've got to admitt that the paints are quite adictive...only thing is I keep trying to use the brush like a pencil!LOL!

somerset's picture

I'm ploughing the road with this one, Patrick, I kinow I've got some heartaches to go with this medium, but still having a great time with the experience...would you believe I've got it in an exhibition at the moment...sounds weird but I hope nobody buys it!LOL!

megaflow's picture

Wow, James... as much as I like your colored pencil work, I'm tempted to say that this is "your" medium. The colors and atmosphere are really good, and I vastly enjoy your vigorous brush work!

Guest's picture

Ooh, you're too fast for me James, I can't keep up with your postings! I love this one - the concept, the execution, everything! I could tell from the thumbnail it was acrylics (brighter colors!) but it's still everything that makes your work so lovely and haunting.

somerset's picture

Thank you very much, Vera! yeah, the acrylics are taking a little getting used to, but I am kinda enjoying them despite some of the frustration...the accidental dipping of brushes into coffee cups is a real hoot though! LOL!

vera-lucia's picture

This a very fine work, my Friend. And you are using acrilycs, a hard mediun to me.hope to see many more of your works.

somerset's picture

Wow, Uwe! coming from a master painter like yourself this is indeed an honor, thank you!

j-art's picture

wow james, seems you got very very fast familiar with the new medium - and the brush insteed the pencil - think i will try a little time more this digital medium and than i am looking foreward to do some traditional medium stuff again Smile - maybe oil this time, i used oil not often in the past cause it really smells if you paint at home like i do, but now i heard of oils one can work with water, and they shall not be bad as far as i heard Smile - but back to your new piece - i am really speechless how this turned out for only your second piece - all my respect to you, two thumbs up here!!!!!!!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Audrey! yes, this is done on a 50"x40" canvas

aud's picture

The textures are awesome. Do you paint on large canvas?

somerset's picture

Thank you, Nell! I,m glad you like what you see, coming from a marvellous painter that makes a great compliment!

elven-nell's picture

Wow, that is one amazing painting, James. You've taken to acrylics like a duck to water! Masterful rendering- I just love those trees.....A really haunting piece. Your work is a pleasure to view as always. Smile

somerset's picture

Thank you, Rita! heh I wish I was on my 10th too, yknow get past all the bug bears I'm bound to run into! lol!

somerset's picture

Thank you Sean! the reaction to this one is giving me the push I need to continue to get better!

somerset's picture

No probs Karyn, gives me a second chance to say thank you again!

somerset's picture

Hey, great, Karyn! I'm glad glad you liked the baby's expression, being a mythical creature I didn't want her/him to look too gooey! thank you!

rita's picture

James, how beautiful. As this is your second painting in acrylic -- now I am eager to see your 10th painting ... Smile))

somerset's picture

Thank you, Stan! I kinda need the encouragement at the moment being at the start of this new stuff, thanks for the boost

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