Nimue (the lady of the lake) by somerset

Nimue (the lady of the lake)

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Added: May 10, 2004
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"Nimue" is modelled by Epilogue Artist Madeleine Gustal

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Thank you Dear Guest, here is part of my source, hope this helps -
Her Name: The Lady of the Lake is usually referred to by various spellings of the names Nimue or Vivienne. Nimue is thought to be related to Mneme, the shortened form of Mnemosyne, one of the nine water-nymph Muses of Roman and Greek Mythology who gave weapons, not unlike Arthur's sword, to the heroic Perseus

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Helle James. Your art is beautiful and i'm really impressed by your talend. My comments is not really about your work, but more about the title. Nimmue isn't the lady of the lake. Viviane (sorry I don't know the english name, but it sound like that). She were supposed to be the great lady of the lake, but she never been. Avalon lands have been in the eternal mist before she can be in that post. Smile But by the way, the eyes are so real... and I love your fishs ^^

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Thank you dear Guest! yeah, the tales of King Arthur are my favourites, them and the Robin Hood legends! I guess I'm a bit of a romantic that way!

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I've always loved her character. And this is so lovely. Great job!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Leyla! yeah it is my favourite medium too, heh although I should really branch out a bit more!

aysel's picture

I love all your work, colored pencil the best.

somerset's picture

Thank you Jenny! actually she looks even lovlier than this, I may have another go at doing her more justice!

goldseven's picture

Oh my--this has to be my all-time favourite of yours ever! I just love the tones and those fish... it's all so translucent and watery, and her face is out of this world. That's what Madeleine Gusdal looks like? What a wonderful portrait to have of oneself! Smile

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Caught it! Christine, thank you so much!

griffingirl's picture

Wow...I mean...WOW! You've outdone yourself here, James! *smacks fingers to lips* MMMMM-Whah!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Donna! yeah, no problem, anytime you want to chat just get in touch!

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Thank you, Holger! I really admire your work!

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This is beautiful! I Love the softness of your work James! Her eyes just look so real! I think the fish are awesome!I'm going to have to talk to you about what colors you use for your flesh tones -I really admire your work! Bye~Donna

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Great pencilwork! The transluscency you gave the image gives the picture a magical feel. Great work!

somerset's picture

Aha! here she is my model! would you believe, Madeleine, that I used a butter knife as a reference for the sword...some of the junk lying around here don't half come in handy! lol! thank you for being a great inspiration!

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Thank you, Christine! I loved your latest!

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I was shocked when I saw this in my mail! That's some of the BEST pencil-work I have ever seen (and not only because I'm the model *grins*) Laughing out loud. Hope you will tell us some tips and tricks in the future, James! ^_^ Can't take my eyes off of those vibrant fishes and smooth colors... *I would kill for that sword Wink *

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Nice fish! They look real.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Rita! and I'm loving doing it!

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Thanks, Amy! I'm glad no one asked me any of the fish types, cause a few where from a mythical region, and not seen much....yeah, right! lol!

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Thanks Sean! I'm glad you like it! mmm I may go into the background a little more though!

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Thank you so much, Kay! Yeah and I agree she's a real doll ain't she!

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Thank you, Inge! I'm so glad you like!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Marley! you are absolutelly right the inspiration for doing this is so compulsive and interesting!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Uwe! though I think Madeleine is far more stunning in real life!

rita's picture

James, I love it!

hunterhayley's picture

Those eyes sre so pretty. Another fabulous job, as usual. I am really liking those fish too.

pageaxe's picture

Man that is one nice piece James!Soft,textured and great expression (which you always do so well)Bravo buddy!

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Fabulous pencil work James. I don't know how you do it. Love the fish. They are all looking at us. What a lovely model. Smile

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Outstanding portrait... And the setting is just brilliant Wink Love the fish!

Art at its best.