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Added: Jul 20, 2004
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Cliodhna is modelled by Epilogue Artist Socar Myles

Cliodhna of Irish mythology, was one of the otherworld goddesses of beauty. It was said that she possessed three very fine, magical birds which could sweetly sing the sick into a deep sleep and cure them. The goddess was passionately in love with a mortal man named Ciabhan, a youth with curling locks of hair. One day, when Ciabhan was hunting and Cliodhna was walking along the shore near Cork, the sea god Manannan Mac Lir put her into a magic sleep and then sent a wave, which pulled her back to the Land of Promise.

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somerset's picture

WOW! thank you Cliodhna, such a beautiful name! I'm so glad you like the image and the legend of your lovely name! Smile

Guest's picture

hey hey jus thought id write and say i never knew the story of my name thanks for telling me!!! this picture is unreal its brilliant!! her face is so eerie

somerset's picture

Thank you, Lindsey, I'm glad you like it!

lindseycarr's picture

This is fabulous, I love the way you've rendered the water and the hand. The face and the expression is perfect!

somerset's picture

I agree, Ken, she is a very pretty Lady, thank you

kenmeyerjr's picture

I dunno, Socar, from the photo I saw that I assume this came from, you are pretty darn cute! But then, we always tend to tear ourselves down a bit.

James, I really like the treatment of the rings of water..and that hand is really nice...very vulnerable look to it.

somerset's picture

Heh heh, you say it best when you say nothing at all! thank you dear Guest

Guest's picture
somerset's picture

Thank you, Jodi! for such a lovely comment!

boogarshadow's picture

You were the first person to comment on my Epilogue gallery!..I just wanted you to know how absolutely BREATHTAKING this piece is!! All of your Art is simply astonishing, and the way you did the water in this one...WOW! is all I can say!!! Your Model is certainly a beauty, Let me know if you ever need another Shock)*Wink*

somerset's picture

Thank you, Kiriko, yeah after pondering over a list of mythical characters for a couple of days the idea just hit me, I think with the static look of socers hair (which was too good a shape to loose) it had to be extreme weather or water

kiriko's picture

James, this is just stunning! Such a gorgeous picture, and what a brilliant idea for that photo. (^_^)

somerset's picture

Yeah Varian I got a real buzz outa Socar's comment! and your views just put the cherry on the cake! I noted that you have only two pieces in your gallery so far and judging by the quality of your work I believe you are going to be massive...and deservingly so!

varian's picture

Well James, your work is impressing me beyond my ability to communicate. I would love to comment on each piece but you have already amassed a great body of work here and each one is just blowing me away. On this, I find myself in awe of the watery effect, the gentle touch of the pencils, the bit of wetness on the wrist, the wetness of the hair, the stunned and helpless expression....and this is Socar? I've never seen a picture of her before. I noticed from her comment she likes your treatment, which is the best compliment of all. Keep up the great work!

somerset's picture

Can't wait to see your work here, Kit! inspiration comes from the reactions of people who have put some effort into a creative work....I know you have...right?

edain's picture

you have amazing skill with not only the colored pencil but also with water. i find it hard to capture watch at any time, and it seems it would b specially hard with pencil-i applaude your works very much indeed Smile

somerset's picture

Thank you, Jeff! Yep you have me figured out pretty well, maybe it is laziness I don't know, but sometimes I don't agonise over details if I feel I've got the idea that I want to project to the viewer across!

thejeff's picture

i think what separates your 'portrait' work from the pack is the tender empathy you establish with the subject (i can't not care about this person, pardon the double negative)and the sense of air you achieve with your technique. most portrait work(or work that centers around a single character ) is grist for the mill to a seasoned eye but stuff with life is something altogether different. what i appreciate the most, i think, is that you pare the image down to the essentials and walk away....

somerset's picture

Thank you, Donna! I have just viewed your latest piece and I was awe-struck!

fairywings's picture

Always glad to find your new pieces of work,I love to see what your up to!This is such an interesting piece! It is mesmerizing as you feel drawn into the water with her.. It has a very calming effect.
I love the way you did the water and her hand is so perfect!Her face is lovely too.. I, as always admire your technique and skill! Your flesh tones ,everything! Oh gee James!! Your TOO GOOD!!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Tracy, as for doing more on the Irish cycle, Cuchulain and Fionn MacCumal yes nothing surer! I grew up with these legends so I guess it's in my blood too! heh although I was born in Scotland McPartlin is an Irish name!

tflynn-1's picture

That is the mosta amazing transition of going from in and out of the water. I would hate to try that in oils let alone in coloured pencils. Truely astonishing work James.

Have ya done anything on Cuchulain yet or do you have more works from the ulster cycle? Love Irish mythology and legends,..........Flynn....its in the blood I guess even if I'm a yank....rofl.

Great stuff man, great stuff.

somerset's picture

To be honest I'm quite proud of the water effect, I'm glad you like it, thank you, Dani!

daniela's picture

water, the most difficult thing to draw, I think... and you did it absolutely magnificently! her expression is beautiful too, and I like the hand very much!

somerset's picture

Ha, Socar you have absolutely made my day, thank you!

socar's picture

Oh,! This is doubly amazing when I consider the reference picture you used--from messy-haired hoser to radiant goddess! You absolutely rule. You make me look...alive! I'm very flattered.

somerset's picture

Hi Jessica! I think because I work on two or three even four at a time it must seem like they are coming out faster! I might finish two in a week and the next two a couple of weeks later, plus they all vary in size depending on the needs of my inspiration! ha you must be thinking yours must be ten feet tall judging by the length of time you've waited! LOL!

Guest's picture

Every time I visit Epilogue, you have a new portrait up! I have no idea how you do work of this quality so fast, James! I love the delicacy of this, both the water and the portrait. . . and Rebecca is right on when she says "eerie". Eerie AND lovely. . .

somerset's picture

Thank you, Svetlana! your lovely comments are a real treat!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Michael! I just finished going through your gallery and your work is quite extraordinary!

Art at its best.