sunshine after the rain by somerset

sunshine after the rain

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 08, 2004
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"sunshine girl" was modelled by Jodi

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somerset's picture

Thank you, Forest, I'm pleased you like this effect.

forestrogers's picture

Such beautiful pale images... especially etherial...

somerset's picture

Thank you for the lovely comment and critic, dear Guest! I constantly strive to improve, and constructive observations like yours are always welcome.

Guest's picture

the shoulder line and the ground's edge somehow "connected", makes me confused for a moment.

and the face's too flat, cheekbone is not developed enough.

overall a nice work.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Donna! I have always found hands to be the hardest thing to do too, so I make it a rule to always include at least one in every picture! practice practice! I always tell myself!

fairywings's picture

Whoa..I've been way behind! How'd I miss your newest postings? Well this so pretty! I love her eyes,and of course all the dancing faeries! Your work,as always makes me want to go and try harder with my figures.( I know I've said it before)
Your a true master James! I always love the softness and realism of your work..(Wonderful hands)They're the hardest thing to draw as far as I'm concerned.Looking forward to more!~Donna

somerset's picture

Ha thank you, Marcel! from a weaver of magic such as you this is praise indeed!

lorangel's picture

I see you haven't lost your touch my friend, I love this and you sure did the model justice as always. The softness of your work is wonderfull, keep em coming James !

somerset's picture

Thank you, Patrick, I do like to take my time, heh as anyone will testify to who has ever had to wait for me to produce a picture! LOL!

megaflow's picture

It must take you forever to do such delicate, detailed work, James. You are truly dedicated (and a wonderful artist, too!)

somerset's picture

Thank you, Leyla! and I'm glad you did cause it gave me the chance to click onto your lovely gallery!

aysel's picture

Great work, the eyes are lovely. Any way, I loved your work from the first time I saw it. But this time I had to say it.

somerset's picture

Hi Rita, thank you, it's great to hear from you!

rita's picture

James, just wonderful. The skin tones are perfect! as well as the rest Smile

somerset's picture

Thank you, Jess! you're next...if you know what I mean!heh heh!

Guest's picture

Ooh! great eyes! Smile I love the restraint you show it this one in keeping the colors close to the tone of the paper. It's delicate and translucent, so the sharp details of the eyes and cloak and hair really stand out.

somerset's picture

I know, Sean, sorry I read it wrong...still even so it would have been a valid point anyway! heh heh blood'n'guts and sorcery! yeah!

pageaxe's picture

I didnt mean it like that James,I meant I dont see any difference in the quality of work-its always been good my man...!

somerset's picture

Ha "the McPartlin trademarks" I love it! thank you so much, Bill!

bcorbett67's picture

Lovely tone and colour James, all the McPartlin trademarks!! Wink

somerset's picture

Where I live you can have the most torrential rain one moment and the most marvellous sunshine on the landscape the next! I'm so pleased you like the feel of this one, Tracy, thank you!

tflynn-1's picture

I love the depth of this image, and the placement of the woman in the very close foreground. Such wonderful and soft details really makes it feel like it has just rained, especially on a hot day and you can see the mist before it gets all clear. Great capture of the moment.

somerset's picture

I know I know heh I did say I'd do some darker images, Sean! and I will, what I need is a good blast of Iron Maiden and a couple of John Carpenter films! LOL! thank you my friend!

somerset's picture

Ha Thank you, Uwe, as always your comments are a real tonic!

somerset's picture

Many thanks, Varian! the model for this one was a real inspiration!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Marley! in this one I tried to get that look y'know like the sun suddenly appearing after a flash storm!

pageaxe's picture

I dont see anything different my man,you always do very nice work as far as I'm concerned.Take care my friend...

j-art's picture

james - you rule - this is so wonderfully dreamy - and i have to agree with marley - as i saw your work the first time i tought this could be done not any better - but you did it - you really improved you skills a lot - respect!!!! you are a fantastic artist and a wonderful person - thanks for being you....

varian's picture

So softly charming! I really like the mixed tones of her dress and how they connect with the tones of her hair.

thrax-1's picture

You really have increased your skill james, your earlier stuff which i thought was amazing back then, pales in comparison to this stuff!. This is damned stunning if you ask me, the details are sublime. great work james Laughing out loud.

Art at its best.