The Morrigan by somerset

The Morrigan

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 11, 2004
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Artwork Description

The Morrigan was modelled by Epilogue Artist Marie Rosé

"The Morrigan, the Irish goddess of death who's love was spurned by the mighty Ulster hero Cuchulainn."

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somerset's picture

Thank you, Dear Guest, I'm delighted that you like my version Smile

Guest's picture

Really atmospheric and unlike many of the other artistic renditions of her i have seen on the net, this one looks Irish (with a touch of Native American). I wish i could paint like that, beautiful work.

somerset's picture

Ha ha Renata, yeah my sister gave me a reminder to get on with your portrait...I do suspect a conspiracy here! LOL! thank you

queenofchaos's picture

James you are so talented and amazing! I have always loved your work....this piece being one of my favorites....untill you do one of me..ha,ha

somerset's picture

Ha Jennifer, your lovely words added to the sunshine through my window this morning, thank you

jensingleton's picture

What a beauty! The shimmer in her raven hair is breathtaking, and the crows are awesome! One of my very favourites of yours, brilliant, beautiful work!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Lindy, yes she does have beautiful hair!

lilam70's picture

I love the long, flowing black hair! Beayiful

somerset's picture

Thank you, Sandra, you are a great talent!

sor-sandra's picture

I like the 'dark aspects' in this painting, the choice of color, the ravens, the banner and the woman's look. Good combination! Adds up to something new in a way!

somerset's picture

Thank you, M, I'm quite pleased how they turned out!

medge's picture

Nice work! I especially like the ravenz.

somerset's picture

Thank you very much, Rebecca! this is a welcome compliment from such an amazing Artist!

beckysinz's picture

This is just amazing! The tone and lighting is all perfect. And her hair looks so real and touchable. Very well done!

somerset's picture

Ha Jessica! yeah I'm in a kinda black mood at the moment! heh heh! thank you so much!

Guest's picture

Agh! The evil comment gremlin strikes again! I am trying to say, I love your recent use of subtle variants of black and brown - it boggles my mind how you have so many different "blacks" in this piece. Lovely composition too. Hope this posts!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Michael! from a guy with your talent this is a real pick me up compliment!

hythshade's picture

Well, For crying out loud James could you just one time do something with some flaws in it:-) at least then I would know you were human. This is a spectacular piece. The emotion you always seem top capture in all your subjects never ceases to amaze me. Well done.

somerset's picture

Ha thank you, Jeff! yeah I'm real glad how those birds turned out!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Jenny! the birds where a real joy to do!

thejeff's picture

such subtle light here james. those birds are perfectly rendered. i would clap but it would interfere with my typing.

goldseven's picture

Great mood, pose, and ravens! I just love those shiny feathers...

somerset's picture

Ha my inspiration! I'm so glad you are pleased with this one, Marie!....hope your hubby likes it too!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Marley, I'm real pleased with the crows, it's hard to find much reference on these dark birds so I had to improvise quite a bit!

gyrfalcontg's picture

omg James... this is even better up-close than the little preview image you showed me. I am just floored--and flattered! And I'll say it again... the hair is dead on. And I love the crows/ravens. Brilliant work! I'll be showin this off to my husband tonight! Laughing out loud

thrax-1's picture

Yea....wowowowow hahaha, fascinating image james. love the crows, they compliment her being very nicely!. Epi artists have a strange trait of good looks Tongue. Great work yet again Smile

somerset's picture

Nope! it's never boring, Rita! I get as much as a buzz out of people's reactions to my work as I do from creating it! heh heh aint I just like a kid!

rita's picture

James, again: WOW WOW WOW!
Isn't it boring to hear always the same? But hey, it is true: your paintings are sooo damn good. Beautiful painting. Keep on Wink Curious for the next one!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Scott! yeah I spent quite a bit of time on her hair, in the photo ref, Marie's hair is amazing! I'm happy if I've caught a fraction of that!

somerset's picture

Na it's a fluke heh heh! but I hope it's a long lasting one! thank you, Varian!

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