The Calling by niveus

The Calling

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Added: Feb 27, 2004
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All is lost now, darkness sways near, rearing its wicked head, even the tears I shed are not enough to keep it I call on you.

Hey there everyone!!!!!!! how is everyone! Well I got carried away with this picture, i just really wanted to paint a horse fish thingy(hippocampus). Well so here it is. I am just to exhausted at the moment to type anymore, I am so sorry, but I hope you enjoy. a bigger version can be seen here

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This is realy beautiful

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Hm, she looks a bit strained, like she's holding her shoulders up or something. Maybe the neck could be longer to eliminate a hunched over look. The arm strumming the instrument also seems a bit awkward, like the fingers are too short or the hand is out of porportion. Her expression is also a bit off because the right eye (her right) is shadowed by the hair, making it look like she has it closed. I think that if her right shoulder were lowered like the left then it would look much better. Sorry for so much critisiscm though.

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Horse/fish thingies are called Kelpies. ^_^ Beautiful painting!

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wow! georgeous! Laughing out loud

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This is beautiful! For some reason the limited palette and the churning water compliments each other. (Excellent water by the way!) I really like the way you've portrayed the hippocampus especially with his seaweed kind of mane. A great job!

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awwww, thankyou so much, yeah it has been a struggle and will continue to be Smile.

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This really is lovely. The water is amazing, and I love how dynamic the entire thing is.

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Kurtis, this is really lovely. I've been so enjoying just watching as you develop your art and style. It really appeals to me, and I think you've done a marvellous job of finding your niche. Everything you paint has such lovely colors and appealing flow. Congratulations and thank you. Smile

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well thankyou so much james, yeh I really had fun with the little details on this one, and the background was a challenge, and as for the waves, I had forgotten how much I enjoy doing them Smile

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wow, what a compliment, I am a huge fan of Stephanie's, but I must say that her attention to detail and execution are far more sophisticated then my own, but thankyou so much for giving me sucha great compliment !!!!!!!!!!

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the water is beautifully done Laughing out loud

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Wow! I thought this was Stephanie Law's work! Whimsical and beautiful! I think you handle details better even! Water is superb!

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This is superb, Kurtis! that sea-horse is far out, the colours in the animal add such a magical and mythical feel to the figure! the girl looks so right being there, again her colouring is excellent (love the intricate design on her gown) the background is ace, the mists kinda enhance that mystical feel! the splashing water is nicely done and holds your figures perfectly! beautiful work, I love it!

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