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Old one

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Added: Dec 10, 2009
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"I am old. I am not one of the oldest of the old ones but compared to humans my life has been going on almost forever. I am one of the few old ones that actually like the humans. In the dawn of their days they revered us. Our spaces in the deepest of the forests where holy for them and they always knew that nature belonged to us.

All of that has changed, and with that change came hatred amongst the oldest of the old ones. As we had to move deeper into the forests and hide when the humans claimed more and more of the earth as their own a darkness awoke amongst us. We have never been what humans call good. We have our own purpose but in the early days we let the humans go as they wanted if they left us in peace. Now the darkness inside the oldest of us has grown to hatred, and the time for change has come..."

This is the main character in a story I have been thinking of. I have not written more than this passage above though.

Done with Adobe Photoshop and my Wacom Intous 4. References used only on insects.

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