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Added: Mar 17, 2005
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A story illustration I chose to do both because I really needed the exercise in perspective and because I love the atmosphere of dimly lit, dusty rooms full of old things and vellum. Drawn on paper, scanned and painted in Photoshop.

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It's lovely! And I know it's sort of pretentious to say it but it's kinda like a vermeer but if vermeer had a more cartoony style...

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I like your sight a lot, I always knew you were talented but I never knew the extent. I hope you keep adding to the site.

-Mike (you're cousin), Chris & Tanya

PS: Who is that reoccurring character?

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Oh.God. Your eye for detail is eye-watering! It's so, so good! I especially love the guy's expression though! Just by it you can tell what the situation is.

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Not to overstress it but… detail… Lots of detail.

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i love this one the medieval idea is a nice touch the outfits <3 love em
but i realie like this one cos
i loveee books so yeah haha
everything looks lovely <3

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I cannot think of a good enough word to describe how splendid this image is. So much depth, the detail is amazing, it blows me away. This is truly magnificent! I bow to you Smile

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a outstanding moody composition.

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Stunning! What an idea for a story! What an interior! I also like the characters' expressions, and as everyone else has said, way to go on the detail, atmosphere and colour!

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i agree with all said before, the detail, the atmosphere of the dimly lit room/old stuff lol, but yah TRULY great on all parts keep up the great work^_^

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Yyyaaaargh! The detail!

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Holy smokes! What detail! you must have worked tremendously hard on this! Or least I would have. CHRIS PICK!

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Good job on the ambience, you have resisted using strong lighting yet still managed to avoid the de-saturated look. The limited colour palette tops it off - very good.

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So beautiful!

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I totally agree with loving the atmosphere of the dimly lit dusty room etc... and you pulled it off well. what a tasty picture. i like the windows.

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Tracy, your eye for detail is superb! Great work!

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Very detailfull work indeed !
But speaking about perspective the book lines do not work with the door ones as if the table was not orthogonal to the wall, am I right ?
PS : amazing expressions you've done ! Speaks to me so much ... ^_^

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So much attention to detail - you must be really patient! Smile

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You did a wonderful job capturing the atmosphere there!

Art at its best.